3/30 A Visual Feast-Black Bean Paradise Stack

One of my most fave flavor profiles is Mexican. I love the sweet and the savory and the heat of Mexican/tex mex/fresh mex/Mayan inspired edibles. I shared the Black Bean Burgers with you a few weeks ago. They were an enormous hit in this house and we have enjoyed them over and over since the first time we made them. It was business as usual for the beany burger patty until the night before last.

Photo By: S. duquet

I walked into the kitchen and Sandy had transformed this humble handcrafted burger into a towering stack of edible paradise. Her creation was visually arresting. Although we have thrown the same ingredients together in various dishes a million times….the presentation and placement of the same ingredients made this dish sublime in flavor and beauty. ┬áThe wonderful part is the simplicity in preparation. She started with Red Quinoa from Alter Eco Fair Trade, topped it with a black bean patty and then loaded it with a rainbow of chopped fruits, veggies and cilantro. I also smothered mine in low sodium hot sauce and E2 Cilantro Sour Cream. It was sassy and cool and dense and nutty. It was the perfect dinner and an even better lunch the next day.

Photo By: S. Duquet

This experience reminded me that we eat with our senses first. Colorful food is beautiful and beautiful food tastes good. When I saw this inspired plate of vibrant color and perfection my mouth got happy and my insides rejoiced. I was also reminded that beautiful, healthful and energetically charged food can be easy to prepare. When you start a dish with high vibration, healthy ingredients you don’t have to mask, cover or cook them to pieces. They are perfect as they are…delicious and decadent with a huge helping of really good for you.

Amazing to eat, great for you and easy. We can all enjoy that.

I learned over the weekend that each one of us were willing to switch to eating only two vegetarian meals a week, we would be responsible for saving 2700 animals over the course of our lifetimes. Can you imagine having such an enormous impact that requires so little work? Small actions leading to great change. How exciting to be able to have such a lasting impact by enjoying two vegetarian meals a week. I’m in and I want you to try too. This Black Bean Paradise Stack will be a great recipe to start with or to add to you repertoire.

Have a delicious day.

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  1. nik Says:

    2700! …astonishing how anyone could ignore that statistic.
    Your Black Bean Paradise Stack is gorgeous! My quinoa-loving heart thanks you!

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