9/16 Baked Potato Soup

The other day we tried a recipe that I found in the Sept issue of Family Circle magazine. The recipe was meaty and full of dairy products, but that didn’t stop us. Sandy said, “Anything you can do, I can do better with soy.”

The finished soup tasted so undeniably like a baked potato that I thought we should have a faux steak to balance out the meal. We had salad instead and a glass of red wine. It is SO good and embarrassingly easy because you cook it low and slow in the crock pot. We both had very busy days and when we were finally home (I was ravenous) the soup was ready to go. Yeah crock pot meals. You are going to love this one.

*Why so many soup recipes?? I am still nursing a toothache on both sides, so we are eating all things soft. Everyone loves a good bowl of soup right? Much crunchier things ahead I promise.


3 ½ Pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 3/4 inch pieces

1 Red bell pepper seeded and chopped

1 Ten ounce package of frozen chopped broccoli

4 C of chick’n flavored stock (We used Not-Chick’n,  Rich Golden Broth And Seasoning bouillon cubes. You can find them at most chain grocery stores. They are the best.)

½ C soy creamer

½ C sour cream (we used Tofutti)

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

1 Tsp. black pepper

½ Tsp. garlic powder

Make It Happen:

~Combine potatoes , red pepper, broccoli, garlic and stock in crock pot. Cook on high heat for 3 hours or on low heat for 6 hours, until potatoes are tender.

~In a small bowl, stir together creamer, sour cream, corn starch and pepper. Remove crock pot lid (watch out for built up steam) and mash potatoes slightly. Stir in cream mixture until thoroughly combined.

~Ladle  into your favorite bowls and garnish with dollop of sour cream and chives.

Photo By: S. Duquet

~Bask in your greatness for having created such an amazing soup for your self while you had the busiest day ever, read an entire novel or enjoyed a much deserved day off.

The soup is as creamy and hearty as any potato soup I have ever had. The garnish added so much excitement to the bowl that I could hardly believe it. It felt really decadent so I say go for it.

Congratulations to Louise R.  She is the winner of  two tickets for the No Beast Feast on Friday night. Way to go Louise. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate them very much.

Have a delicious day.

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  1. erin Says:

    This looks amazing as well! Soup is my favorite, I could eat it for every meal.

  2. Sherry Says:

    Me too. This soup is so easy to make and so soul satisfying you wont believe it.

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