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12/9 Five Vegan Food Gifts

Happy Meatless Monday. The gifting season is upon us. Gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and family. My favorite gifts to give are always  from our kitchen.  A foodie gift says, ” You are so special to me that I would like to nourish you with something I made myself.” That  kind of gift is always […]

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12/14 Gifting Vegan Biscotti

Yesterday I  baked and packaged two flavors of vegan biscotti for friends and colleagues. It is a gift I am proud to share.  Despite their sophisticated appearance, biscotti are relatively easy to make and perfect for veganizing. I chose bright flavors with crunchy nut counterparts, but feel free to try any combo you think would […]

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4/16 Pistachio Lemon & Almond Orange Biscotti

Happy Meatless Monday. I have been wanting to try my hand at baking vegan biscotti. Recently a friend of ours brought over some of her handcrafted biscotti and I thought, what a truly elegant gift. I love edible gifts anyway but biscotti felt so exotic, like something you would only purchase….but not make in your […]

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