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7/30 Last Day of the Juice Fast

Happy Meatless Monday and the last day of  the fifteen day juice fast. I can hardly believe that fourteen days have passed.  There were many times when it felt too difficult to go the distance.  Sometimes, I wanted to break the fast and eat the entire contents of the first thing I could get my […]

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7/27 Chloe The Vegan Wannabe

Next Friday we are having a soiree for Chloe’s fourth birthday. She has a party every year complete with parting gifts and pupcakes for  attendees to take home for their own canine loved ones.   Sandy and I have planned a fab vegan menu  and are looking forward to celebrating the birthday of our beloved […]

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7/25 Revelations by the Glass; The First Lessons from Fasting

Day nine of my fifteen day fruit/veg fast and I have some observations to share. The past four days of all juicing have been significantly more difficult than I had even imagined. I had no idea how much of my daily joy is wrapped up with talking about, thinking about, planning, preparing and enjoying meals. […]

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7/23 Vegan Vichyssoise

Happy Meatless Monday. I love soup, even in the summer. It is a meal that transcends seasons because it is comforting, fillng and can be easy to create. I love chilled soup, spicy soup and thick and creamy soup.  Sandy has taken a classic Julia Child’s recipe and has reinvented it for a greener approach. […]

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7/20 Milk, It Does a Body Bad

I read this breaking news on the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) website and thought it was too important not to share. This is such a hopeful and positive step toward helping our children live better and healthier lives. It will also serve to educate and inform anyone  that is unaware of the ill […]

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7/18 Yucca Chips and Fresh Corn Salsa

Yesterday, on day two of the 15 day Re-boot Juice Fast, I made the closest thing I could find that could replicate a tortilla chip. In twenty four hours I went from brand new and excited juice faster to,” Oh my god if I don’t dip something into something and eat it, I am going […]

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7/16 Juice Fast Day One-Game On

Happy Meatless Monday and Day One of the 15 Day Juice Fast. I have two updates to share and the most insane shopping list you have ever seen. Kale Trail Update We have been running in the most extreme heat ever and I am mostly loving it. It makes it more difficult to breath, but […]

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7/13 Getting Prepared

I have three more days to  prepare my body and mind for the fifteen day fruit/veg/juice fast that begins on Monday. I am more afraid than I thought I would be. It is funny how enthusiasm can so easily make way for fear  the closer the  starting line approaches.  I am all of a sudden […]

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7/11 Getting Juiced

Inspired to try juicing by the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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7/9 DIY Black Pepper Lime Popcorn

Happy Meatless Monday. I have an all natural, inexpensive and incrediblly easy snack to share. My favorite kind. I do food demos at an in-store kitchen where I work. Because I engage in conversations with strangers about food all day…I hear things, lots of things about food that can sound crazy, disgusting, intriguing and delicious. […]

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