7/8 Coconut Lemon Pie

I found this recipe in an email from VegNews the other day and was immediately intrigued. I love all things lemon and coconut. The recipe looked easy so I thought I would give it a go. The filling thickened as promised and the crust was the easiest I have ever made. It browned beautifully and the pie set perfectly.

Photo By: S. Duquet

This pie is a great addition to your compassionate dessert repertoire. It will be discussed and fussed over at your next family event. And, coconut and lemon are a dynamic duo. The flavors are light, cooling and complimentary.

Coconut Lemon Pie

Submitted to VegWeb By VermillionOnion and modified by S. Duquet

Shortbread Crust Ingredients:

1/2 C coconut flour ( I used Edward & Sons)

1/2 C  unbleached flour

1/2 C powdered sugar

1/2 C melted margarine

1/4  tsp lemon extract

Filling Ingredients:

1/2 C cornstarch

1 (14 ounce) can coconut milk + 1/2 can water

3/4 C raw granulated sugar

zest of 3 lemons

juice of 1 lemon

2 tsp lemon extract

2 C unsweetened flake coconut for garnish ( I used Edward & Sons. It is so succulent)

Make It Happen

~Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

~Mix together the flour, powdered sugar, and melted margarine with a fork. Press this mixture into a 9″ pie pan, using your fingers to push it out to the edges and up the sides. Poke the crust with a fork several times to prevent bubbles while baking. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the crust is slightly browned on the edges. Let cool on a rack.

~For filling, put the cornstarch into a sauce pan and wisk out any lumps or large pieces. Add 1/2 the coconut milk and whisk until smooth, then add the remaining coconut milk, water, sugar, lemon zest, juice and extract.

~Bring the mixture to a boil slowly over medium-high heat, whisking frequently until thickened, 10 to 15 minutes.

~Pour the filling into the pre-baked pie crust and let cool for  5 to 10 minutes then refrigerate for several hours. The filling will set up almost like jell-o.

~ For garnish, put unsweetened coconut flakes on a pan in a single layer. Spritz with lemon extract then bake in a 325 degree F oven until lightly browned. Check and mix coconut frequently so it browns nicely.

~Pile perfectly browned and lemon scented coconut on top of chilled pie.  Cut and enjoy.

Photo By: S. Duquet

The pie is creamy and lemony. We enjoyed ours on the back patio with white wine sangrias and really good friends. Perfect.

If you have any lemony or coconut recipes, please share. I love this duo.

Have a delicious day.

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  1. Coconut Lemon Pie | Edward & Sons™ Recipes Says:

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  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I made it yesterday, I used a store-bought graham pie crust and did not use the coconut so mine was more lemony.

  3. Sherry Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am so excited to hear that. I bet it was amazing with lemon as the star. Nothing can be lemony enough for me. I always use the store bought crust for pies like this. I appreciate convenience and there are very nice graham cracker crusts available like the one from Arrowhead Mills.


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