6/8 Primal Hunger

I have found that I feel my best when I eat all day long. I like to snack between meals, on my way to work and on my way home. I eat when I am hungry to avoid becoming ravenous and insane. When I come home from work famished and emotionally ¬†beat down by retail I am capable of demolishing an entire family size bag of ¬†fill-in-the-blank chip product and a six of beer or….I can have a snack in the car on my way home and avoid the crazy making. Healthy snacking is good. Feeding your body throughout the day keeps you fueled, strong and happy.

I have gone mad over Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky by Primal Spirit Foods. They are soft strips of flavored Seitan, Soy and Shiitake mushrooms. They come in flavors like Thai Peanut and Mesquite Lime. They are non-GMO, preservative free and cholesterol free. They are hermetically sealed like jerky so they can be thrown in your hippie bag, glove box or lunch box. We brought a selection of them with us when were most recently travelling and they were our saving grace. They are a gourmet vegan edible that can be carried in your pocket or stored in your car. Yes please.

Primal Spirit Foods has a section on their site featuring “Primal People” and how they enjoy their Primal Strips. I love their description.

“Primal People are adventurers! They are leaders, lovers, animal-lovers, artists, best-friends, dreamers, imagineers, environmentalists, hikers, bikers and every sort of person who lives and loves wholeheartedly. Primal Spirit Foods proudly celebrates those who see the same wonder in nature as we do.”

Primal Strips: Meatless Vegan JerkyWhether you are in training or in line at the bank….you are going to love these strips. They will tide you over, melt your madness and sustain you throughout your day.

Click here to find a local or on line retailer of Primal Strips.

Have a delicious weekend.

All images courtesy of Primal Spirit Foods

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  1. Susan Says:

    I second that review! I’ve loved Primal Strips ever since discovering them a few years ago, in my quest for vegan treats. A reformed meat-eater, I used to LOVE my beef jerky. These strips ceratinly satisfy my cravings at all times!

  2. Sherry Says:

    Susan…aren’t they out of this world! We buy 10 at a time and I have to psych myself out to not eat five a day for two days. They are such a phenomenal snack to have with you for those times when a healthy snack is out of reach.

  3. Penny Godfirnon Says:

    I am so crazy about these, I’ve even shared them with complete strangers. I’ve given them to all my die hard meat eating friends, and they think I am lying about them NOT being meat. They say awww cheating are we!

  4. Sherry Says:

    That is so funny. I love when my omnivorous friends think that I have fallen off the wagon because I have given them something deliciously meaty, albeit vegan. You are one generous gal to share your Primal Strips.

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