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11/26 Vegan Travel Adventures in Florida

I wrote this yesterday in flight on the way home. We are on the plane speeding back to Detroit. We have been in Florida for ten days for our niece’s Bat Mitzvah and our half marathon. It has been a magnificent trip. We have enjoyed fantastic vegan food and have seen more wildlife in their […]

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11/19 On Our Way

We are in our rental car speeding through  the Everglades toward St Pete Beach. We have been in the Stuart area (North of Palm Beach) for our nieces Bat Mitzvah. The past four days have been a much needed infusion of warm sunshine,  nephew and niece adoration and time that has easily flowed without obligation. […]

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7/19 Low Down on the Hoe Down

I just found out about Farm Sanctuary’s Country Hoe Down and am seething with envy for all that can attend. Sadly, it is on the same day as Chloe’s fifth birthday party. The date is fast approaching, but who am I to plan your weekends?? Perhaps you are free and can make it work. Vegan […]

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5/15 Adventures in Zip Lining

  While in the Dominican Republic, we went zip lining.  I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect. Our trip began with an hour and fifteen minute open air truck ride to the mountains. We drove away from the ocean into dusty, scorching hot villages, through pouring rain and fields […]

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4/26 Vegans in the Dominican

This weekend Sandy and I are setting out for another vegan adventure. This time we are travelling to the Dominican. We are staying at an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana.  Neither of us have been there before. Last year was the  first  time we had ever been to an all inclusive resort. Before we […]

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4/17 Present Moment Cafe

On our recent trip to Florida, Sandy and I found ourselves in Palm Coast, headed toward St Augustine. Because I had never been in this area, I did a Happy Cow search to check out our veg options for lunch. Much to my delight there were almost too many vegetarian and vegan restaurants to choose from. […]

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2/18 Vegan Grub Crawl part 1

Happy Meatless Monday. I love talking to you about vegan travel because before I went vegan, I believed that traveling as one would be a challenge. Over the past few years I have come to realize that isn’t the case at all. It is just as easy to have your Meatless Monday or meatless any […]

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2/14 Is Bourbon Vegan?

Happy Love Yourself Day friends. Hope your day has been filled with joy of your own making. We are back on the road headed to Atlanta. The sun is shining and the farther South we drive, the warmer the air gets.  Chloe is making the back seat adorable and Sandy is driving us through the […]

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2/6 Come Sail Away

When Sandy and I first met, she actively sailed on a racing sailboat.  She had been crewing on a forty foot sailboat for many years and had participated in the famed Port Huron to Mackinac race.  She asked me if I was interested in joining their crew. Well of course I am. Who wouldn’t want […]

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12/29 Universal Vegans

Yesterday we left Orlando and drove back to Atlanta to spend New Year’s Eve with Sandy’s parents.  Our cooler was packed with Tofurky sandwiches, soy creamer for coffee stops, fruit and  hummus. As part of a desire to create a new Christmas celebration for ourselves, we spent the past four days, including Christmas day at […]

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