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10/9 Sauteed Patty Pan Squash

Over the weekend we went to Eastern Market, Detroit’s lush and bountiful public market. It has been feeding the Metro Detroit area since 1891. It is one of the longest running public markets in the exact same place that it began, at the city’s center. Everytime we go it is an adventure in edible excitement. One […]

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9/16 Meatless Monday, Baba Ganoush and A Winner

Happy Meatless Monday I have much to share and celebrate. For the celebratory side, we have a Winner in the No Beast Feast ticket giveaway for this Friday, September 20th. Drumroll please and a high vegan five to Lisa N. for sharing her favorite comfort food, vegany spinach dip with pumpernickel bread.   Lisa won 2 […]

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6/17 Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Happy Meatless Monday. Over the weekend I wanted to create an easy salad that we could have in the fridge and enjoy at our leisure. We had a  busy weekend planned and I knew I wouldn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I modeled it after a store bought salad that […]

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6/10 Tropical Jicama Slaw

Happy Meatless Monday. Over the weekend we had two graduation parties and a Spring open house at a farm sanctuary to attend. Fun times and festive foods all around. I have often thought  that soirees were the ideal place to introduce your nearest and dearest to a few of your favorite veg dishes. When people […]

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5/31 Queen of the Farros

I have been curious about farro ever since we started selling  it where I work.  It looks a little bit like bird seed. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what kind of grain it actually was. It is in fact a type of wheat. It has been cultivated around the world for thousands of years. According to […]

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5/3 Vegan Cinco de Mayo

Looking for some fun recipes for Vegan Cinco de Mayo? As you know, I absolutely adore Mexican Food. I could eat it everyday and have even tried. I love the heat, the savory and the warm combination of flavors like cinnamon, cumin and peppers. It can be zesty with lime and crunchy with veggies. There […]

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3/25 Back to Basics-Creamy Cauliflower Bake

Happy Meatless Monday. I shared with you last week that I have been enjoying creating dishes with as few ingredients as possible. It is a departure from my usual kitchen sink approach to cooking. This recipe  is a simpler, nut free version of my creamy Cauliflower Bake. One of the ingredients that is key in […]

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1/28 Festival Salad

Happy Meatless Monday. I have a salad to share that is ridiculously easy to prepare, features the floral sweetness of Meyer Lemons and the health benefits of Kelp. You are going to love this one. Last week I fell in love with a salad from the Whole Foods Market deli called Detox Salad. It was a simple […]

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11/12 Happy Meatless Monday Thai Feast

Happy Meatless Monday. I have four recipes to share for an unforgettable Thai inspired meal. The recipes come with a  side dish of vegan undercover  activism. In September, Sandy and I helped with a  fundraiser for our local animal shelter.  The event,  called No Beast Feast, created by our friend and fellow veg lover Jo, […]

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11/5 Portobello Pilaf On a Kale Pedestal

Happy Meatless Monday. Yesterday as we were running I began to crave kale and rice pilaf the way you would crave an ice cream cone or piece of chocolate. The thought overwhelmed me and I blurted out, “Let’s have sauteed kale and rice pilaf with portobello mushrooms and almonds for dinner.” When Sandy and I […]

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