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9/2 Chia Seed Jams

Happy Meatless Monday and Labor Day. I have the most fun and easy recipes to share.  They will add some freshness and life to your breakfast routine. One of my favorite things to have for breakfast is a toasty raisin english muffin with raw almond butter and jam. It feels comforting yet still energizing and […]

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12/31 Gwen’s Vegan Picadillo

Happy Meatless Monday and Happy New Year’s Eve My mother-in-law Gwen is a wonderful cook. She is adventurous and can veganize anything.  When I am with her it is abundantly clear where Sandy got her reckless, anything goes attitude in the kitchen. Gwen cooks for us every time we are together and it  always feels like […]

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9/24 French Toast w/ Pumpkin Butter and Apple

I recently picked up the Guide to Veg Living which is a free mini magazine created for Veg For life, a Farm Sanctuary campaign. It is a complimentary, mini magazine that has tips and tricks for the vegan wannabe.  Inside I found a recipe for Phenomenal French Toast. I thought…wow, they are really confident about […]

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8/27 Kale Chop Salad with Plums and Almonds

Happy Meatless Monday. I have found that making one dish that we can enjoy several times makes it much easier to eat healthy, meatless meals even when  I am in the middle of a harried week or weekend. On Saturday in the middle of  a seven hour volunteer shift with our animal shelter, I came […]

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8/22 An All Inclusive Juicer

During the  fifteen day juice fast, many of you inquired about my juicer of choice. At that time, my broken juicer was barely hanging on and I was researching new juicers. After all the searching, reading and comparing, I decided that I was most inclined to the Omega brand.  They have several different varieties of […]

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8/20 Blondie Energy Bars

Happy Meatless Monday. I have the most insanely delicious energy bar  recipe to share with you. It takes only minutes to prepare an entire pan of them, they will keep indefinitely in the freezer and they taste like Blondie brownies. They are good enough to plan a run or any exercise around. They could encourage […]

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8/15 Raw Caramel Peach Pie

This past week  the peaches have been unbelievable. They have been drip down your arm juicy, honeyed and summery. We have been juicing , grilling and enjoying them every chance we get. I decided to create a raw dessert as a stage to  feature this succulent stone fruit.  I frequently feel intimidated by raw recipes […]

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Cool Down with these Soups for the July 4th Holiday

Happy Meatless Monday. To honor Meatless Monday, I thought it would be fun to share four chilled soup options to enjoy this fourth of July holiday or anytime this summer.  Here are some favorites that are easy to make and celebrate fruits and vegetables that abundant this time of year.  Any one of them could […]

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6/22 Vegan Pizza Day 2012

Photo by: S. Duquet Pizza has always been one of my two favorite foods, ice cream being the second. My first job at the age of fifteen was at an ice cream parlor where I ate endless amounts of  Tofutti ice cream, before I knew it was vegan cool. My second job was at a […]

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6/4 In The Cracks

Photo By: S. Duquet This past week we received a “mystery ingredient” in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from Living Stones Farm.  We recognized it as a very prevalent plant, but seldom one that is consumed.  It was Purslane, a leggy-looking sprout with small leaves.  Most of us consider it a weed, because it […]

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