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12/9 Five Vegan Food Gifts

Happy Meatless Monday. The gifting season is upon us. Gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and family. My favorite gifts to give are always  from our kitchen.  A foodie gift says, ” You are so special to me that I would like to nourish you with something I made myself.” That  kind of gift is always […]

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12/22 Spicy Dark Chocolate Bundles

Happy  Winter Solstice. To honor light, darkness and Yule logs burning brightly all over the world…..I give you Spicy Dark Chocolate Bundles. They are dark chocolate smothered, hearty pretzels dusted with either cayenne pepper or black pepper and cinnamon. They are dark, spicy, sweet and rich. They have captured the warmth of a crackling winter […]

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12/3 Four Calling Birds,Three Nurse Sharks, Two Adopted Turtles

Thank you friends for  your kind and healing wishes. I am taking life gently and mostly dining on muscle relaxers and codeine. I wanted to share a cool gifting idea for the holidays or any day. I shared earlier about our visit to the  Florida Oceanographic Society in Stuart, Florida. Like many other sanctuaries of […]

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