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11/20 Adopt A Turkey

Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  I have the perfect way to infuse  your holiday with compassion and cool, adopt a turkey. Sponsoring a turkey at Farm Sanctuary is a clever and thoughtful way to express gratitude and thanks. It is incredibly easy, affordable and helps a beautiful living thing continue to live out […]

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9/11 Vegan Chili Cook-Off & Enter to Win

Yesterday I spent the day perfecting my entry for the Sasha Farm Vegan Chili Cook-Off.  This is the first time I have ever entered a chili cook off and I am really excited. As much as I would like to bring home a ribbon, I am just thrilled to be attending an event where I […]

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9/5 A Must See Movie

Last month I wrote a post about  a new documentary that I was anxious to see called Blackfish. It is a chilling documentary about the fascination with and dangerous ramifications of keeping majestic Orcas (Killer Whales) in captivity for entertainment purposes.  The film centers around the widely publicized story of  Tilikum, the performing Orca that […]

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7/24 Blackfish

Until I became vegan I had not thought about whether or not the circus, Sea World or zoos were humane. They were places you went  to be entertained, which feels pretty benign. The idea of keeping wild animals in captivity and training them to do tricks did not feel cruel; it didn’t really enter my […]

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5/15 Adventures in Zip Lining

  While in the Dominican Republic, we went zip lining.  I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect. Our trip began with an hour and fifteen minute open air truck ride to the mountains. We drove away from the ocean into dusty, scorching hot villages, through pouring rain and fields […]

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3/23 We’ve Made It

I have always believed the tell tale sign that you have crashed into mainstream stardom was if Saturday Night live bothered to poke fun of you in their show.  Last weekend the vegans made it to SNL via Justin Timberlake. Here is the five minute skit called Veganville. It is worth the watch.  It is […]

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3/5 Striking Gold

We had the most wonderful time in Dahlonega, Georgia, where we went to Consolidated Gold Mine.  We took an underground gold mine tour and then panned for our very own gold.  The tour itself lead us more than two hundred feet underground in damp, cool tunnels that were virtually unchanged from the 1800’s except for a line strung with […]

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2/11 Red Pepper Walnut Dip & Spread

Happy Meatless Monday and eve of Fat Tuesday. If you are preparing to celebrate Mardi-Gras, I have a dip for you to add to your party table. If you are preparing to celebrate Lent, I have a dip for you to add to your weekly vegetarian line up. Whatever you are preparing to celebrate, I have the dip […]

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2/6 Come Sail Away

When Sandy and I first met, she actively sailed on a racing sailboat.  She had been crewing on a forty foot sailboat for many years and had participated in the famed Port Huron to Mackinac race.  She asked me if I was interested in joining their crew. Well of course I am. Who wouldn’t want […]

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2/1 Quest for Vegan Moisturizer

I admit it….I am easily swayed by marketing and packaging.   I have been known to use my Visa card as a stabilizer for a sometimes unpredictable self esteem. My Chinese restaurant place-mat horoscope says that I am “Prone to spend freely.” Yesterday I found myself in the aisle at the drug store with the anti-aging creams […]

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