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1/29 Its A Vegan Touchdown

Whether you are a fan of the game or just a  proponent of the party, Super Bowl Sunday can be a fun afternoon with friends. If you are joining in a party, preparing for your own bash or hunkering down in the comfort of your own living room, I’ve got a great appetizer to wow [...]

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12/10 Grilled Cheese Please, A Review and A Winner

I have shared with you before that Sandy is a lover of cheese. Her commitment to loving cheese was so solid that when I decided to try going vegan I was sure it would be a solo attempt. Much to my delight and surprise, Sandy tried the vegan thing as well and we have been [...]

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12/2 Don’t Let The Gouda Get Away & A Winner

Yesterday I promised to share with you in today’s post about a vegan cheese that was new to us, called Sheese.  We’ve sampled a few of their products and here is the first scoop about some of this non-dairy cheesy delight.  I used the Gouda to make the Garlicky, Gouda Croutons that topped the roasted veggie [...]

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5/21 Daiya Cheddar Review & Recipe

In our kitchen, I am usually the idea man and Sandy is  execution. I’ll say,” Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we had chicken in a green curry sauce with coconut and lime scented rice for dinner?!” She will start noodling the request and whip up the most amazing vegetarian version of whatever I suggested. [...]

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5/18 Daiya Cheese

Today we used Daiya Cheddar  vegan cheese for the first time. Because it is so new to us, I  wanted begin the discussion, try it a few more times and then review it.   It has been receiving SO much press that I have to admit, I wanted to taste what all the buzz was [...]

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