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9/16 Meatless Monday, Baba Ganoush and A Winner

Happy Meatless Monday I have much to share and celebrate. For the celebratory side, we have a Winner in the No Beast Feast ticket giveaway for this Friday, September 20th. Drumroll please and a high vegan five to Lisa N. for sharing her favorite comfort food, vegany spinach dip with pumpernickel bread.   Lisa won 2 […]

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7/22 Eggplant Rustica with Italian Salsa

Happy Meatless Monday. Our first eggplant of the season have arrived amidst a handful of scorching hot days and buckets of rain. Everything has grown rainforest style. At the end of May we planted two little Japanese Eggplant seedlings in big orange buckets.  We gave them room to grow and hoped for the best. They […]

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7/9 Grilled Zucchini with Kale and Fresh Herb Hummus

To celebrate our three year Veganiversary we had a mini  soiree with friends and a sensational amount of food. We sat outside in the summer sun  sipping chilled, effervescent wine while enjoying some of the best flavors of the season. The day before I had purchased lime green and yellow zucchini and organic kale and […]

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5/27 Happy Meatless Memorial Day

Happy Meatless Memorial Day friends. Ever since I was a little girl I have always considered Memorial Day the official kick-off to Summer. On this day the grills burn hotter, the ice cream tastes better and all of our local pools open. We honor those that have served while celebrating the long awaited return of […]

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5/22 Zesty Horseradish Hummus Sandwiches

The last time we were in Atlanta my Mother-in-Law whipped up a batch of Zesty Horseradish Humus. We ate it on everything in sight, including sandwiches.  I thought I would give it a go and this is what I came up with. I used prepared horseradish from a jar instead of making it from scratch, […]

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5/13 Plantain Steak Fries

Happy  Meatless Monday. We are home from the Dominican Republic and I have the most easy and delicious  recipe to share with you, plantain steak fries. While we were in the Dominican we enjoyed plantains at almost every meal. They were mashed and sliced, salty and sweet. I looked forward to them everyday and  found […]

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2/11 Red Pepper Walnut Dip & Spread

Happy Meatless Monday and eve of Fat Tuesday. If you are preparing to celebrate Mardi-Gras, I have a dip for you to add to your party table. If you are preparing to celebrate Lent, I have a dip for you to add to your weekly vegetarian line up. Whatever you are preparing to celebrate, I have the dip […]

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1/3 Vegan Empanadas

Our trip South has taken an unexpected turn and Sandy, Chloe and I are in the KIA headed home to Michigan for a week and a half. There has been a death in my family so we left Atlanta yesterday for the twelve hour drive home.  Sandy’s mom packed us a lunch complete with tropical […]

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11/12 Happy Meatless Monday Thai Feast

Happy Meatless Monday. I have four recipes to share for an unforgettable Thai inspired meal. The recipes come with a  side dish of vegan undercover  activism. In September, Sandy and I helped with a  fundraiser for our local animal shelter.  The event,  called No Beast Feast, created by our friend and fellow veg lover Jo, […]

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7/18 Yucca Chips and Fresh Corn Salsa

Yesterday, on day two of the 15 day Re-boot Juice Fast, I made the closest thing I could find that could replicate a tortilla chip. In twenty four hours I went from brand new and excited juice faster to,” Oh my god if I don’t dip something into something and eat it, I am going […]

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