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8/22 Be Your Own Vegan

Almost every single time I am talking with someone and my being vegan comes up they will say to me,” I would be vegetarian/vegan if it weren’t for …..fill in the blank”.  This fill in the blank is something they have decided they can not live without and therefore it is the barrier to choosing […]

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8/31 Vegan Road Trip Snacks

In honor of those about to embark on road trips celebrating Labor Day, I wanted to share two of my new favorite vegan road trip snacks. They are the perfect companion for the camp ground, college or work bound traveler.   Thai Lemon Curry Cashews, Almonds and Coconut by Living Intentions. Living Intentions has created […]

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7/23 Vegan Vichyssoise

Happy Meatless Monday. I love soup, even in the summer. It is a meal that transcends seasons because it is comforting, fillng and can be easy to create. I love chilled soup, spicy soup and thick and creamy soup.  Sandy has taken a classic Julia Child’s recipe and has reinvented it for a greener approach. […]

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6/20 Fermented Treasure

I love Tempeh the way I love fresh air. I know I wouldn’t want to live without it.  Tempeh does not masquerade as faux meat. It knows it is a strange fermented soybean cake and is entirely unapologetic. It has a bizarre texture and the strangest most unidentifiable, comforting flavor. I can hardly walk by […]

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6/6 Spring Peas and Scapes

The peas are the star in this dish. Each ingredient was chosen for its willingness to honor and glorify the Spring Pea. This dish is light and airy with the authority of a complete meal. I think you are going to love this with any type of pea…fresh or frozen. Have a delicious day.

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6/1 Karma Creamery

I can not pinpoint when I began to love ice cream as much as I do. Perhaps I was born with this deep love of frozen confections. I was after all born in February in Michigan, when all things are suspended in ice. Ever since I realized I love to cook (circa two years ago […]

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5/21 Memorial Day Menus

Happy Meatless Monday. I thought it would be fun to share two completely different menus for Memorial Day planning. This way, you will have plenty of time to shop and incorporate some vegan dishes for your Memorial Day celebrations. Because our gardens are not yet in full swing, you may need to purchase produce or […]

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5/14 Mini Neapolitan Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches

Happy Meatless Monday. I have the most fun, Summery dessert to share with you. Over the weekend Sandy’s parents were staying with us from Atlanta. The plan was to create a Swanky Appetizer Buffet on Saturday night for dinner. In keeping with the theme of all things hand held, I veganized one of my all […]

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5/9 Limones Rellenos de Coco

In Cozumel I fell in love with Coconut Stuffed Limes. I had them at breakfast, with lunch and for dessert after dinner. They are lime halves, delicately yet generously stuffed with the sweetest most succulent coconut. Ever since our plane landed I have been looking for ways to recapture the joy and the flavor of […]

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4/25 Evolve Campaign

Last night I found one of the most compelling videos inspiring compassionate living that I have ever seen. It was direct and unambiguous. In place of the frequently common, night terror inducing video images of animal cruelty, were carefully placed and  impactful images. The absence of excessive gore sucked me in and I was immediately […]

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