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5 Tips To Enjoy A Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Plans are being made and menus are taking shape. If you are already rocking it vegetarian or vegan you probably know how some secrets to navigate a holiday meal. But if you are new to cruelty-free holidays or just trying it out, you may need a few tips to get […]

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Eat Vegan Before 6

Happy Meatless Monday As you know, Meatless Monday is the jump start to every week, to encourage all of us to ordain this day every week to choose to be animal-free in our meal choices.  The idea is to resolve to eat meatless, beginning with the first day and perhaps carrying through each subsequent day […]

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10/7 Halloween Without the Mean

Happy Meatless Monday. Over the weekend we put up our Halloween lights. Our house looks ready for the merriment of goblins and ghouls. It put me in the mood for spiced cider, Halloween Oreos (vegan junk food) and trick-or-treaters. Before you buy your candy to pass out I wanted to share with you how easy […]

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10/4 Bill Clinton on Becoming Vegan

There is much focus right now in our country about healthcare, the cost of healthcare, how we are going to afford healthcare and how does the current Administration’s plan make sense?  I know that I do not understand enough about the nuances of how insurers, employers, providers and healthcare professionals function to even begin to […]

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9/16 Meatless Monday, Baba Ganoush and A Winner

Happy Meatless Monday I have much to share and celebrate. For the celebratory side, we have a Winner in the No Beast Feast ticket giveaway for this Friday, September 20th. Drumroll please and a high vegan five to Lisa N. for sharing her favorite comfort food, vegany spinach dip with pumpernickel bread.   Lisa won 2 […]

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8/22 Be Your Own Vegan

Almost every single time I am talking with someone and my being vegan comes up they will say to me,” I would be vegetarian/vegan if it weren’t for …..fill in the blank”.  This fill in the blank is something they have decided they can not live without and therefore it is the barrier to choosing […]

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5/24 Meals for Health

I just found out about an organization called EarthSave. The work they do is so brilliant and life altering that  I wanted to share.  EarthSave was founded in 1988 by vegan superhero and author John Robbins.  They are a California based non- profit that has created a program called Meals for Health to assist under-served […]

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5/17 Detoxify Simply

Lately I have been hearing alot about detoxification.  Not just from one place, but from many. People at work are doing a cleanse, someone at my committee meeting is doing a juice fast…the list goes on. Heavy metals, diet sodas…get it out. Get it all out. Sometimes the deluge of information makes me feel bogged […]

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4/24 Vegan athlete, Ultra Runner, Scott Jurek

Hi friends, I have asked Sandy to be a guest contributor for the day. Enjoy. One of the most common conversations that crops up for those eating a plant-based diet is what about proper nutrition for athletes?  Not the garden variety, staying-in-shape kind of physical exertion, but high performing and competitive athletes.  It seems that […]

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3/5 Striking Gold

We had the most wonderful time in Dahlonega, Georgia, where we went to Consolidated Gold Mine.  We took an underground gold mine tour and then panned for our very own gold.  The tour itself lead us more than two hundred feet underground in damp, cool tunnels that were virtually unchanged from the 1800’s except for a line strung with […]

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