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7/3 Three Year Veganiversary

June 30th was our three year Veganiversary. The initial challenge was to try going vegan for thirty days.  Even as I told myself, “It’s only thirty days and I can do anything for thirty days,” I felt, somewhere in the recesses of my mind that I would never go back.  I knew that  once I […]

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Happy Meatless Monday Vegan BLTs

Happy Meatless Monday. One of my favorite meatless meals is soup and a sandwich. I love it for lunch and I especially love if for dinner. It feels as special or scandalous as having breakfast at dinner time. A steaming bowl of soup and a sammy feels comforting and familiar to me. An excellent companion […]

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10/3 Mini Sweet Potato Pistachio Pies

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods. They are overachievers in that they can be both sweet and savory, decadent  and healing. They are bright orange, signifying that they contain an abundance of nutrients and they are so inexpensive. I enjoy them for breakfast in my muffins and for dinner in my lasagna. They […]

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9/26 Make it a Green Halloween

Last night as I was perusing my new LARABAR Fall Newsletter I saw that they had partnered with Green America for project Green Halloween. Among other details, they were of course recommending that you hand out LARABAR minis to your trick-or-treaters. Andy yes, I would don a costume for that.   Okay, I’ll bite, what […]

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7/6 Pistachio Tarts w/Lemon Cream and Nectarines

I have the most exciting news. You may now Subscribe to receive the latest Exploits post in your inbox. The new Subscribe function is on the right menu bar on the Home page, just enter your email address and that’s all.  Your email is safe with me. I will never share, spam or abuse it. […]

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6/20 Fermented Treasure

I love Tempeh the way I love fresh air. I know I wouldn’t want to live without it.  Tempeh does not masquerade as faux meat. It knows it is a strange fermented soybean cake and is entirely unapologetic. It has a bizarre texture and the strangest most unidentifiable, comforting flavor. I can hardly walk by […]

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6/18 Eating the Bushes

Happy Meatless Monday.  I have an easy recipe to share that will elevate your broccoli and effortlessly work a meatless dish into your plan for the week. Think of it as broccoli, only better. When I was a little girl I lived next door to what seemed like the oldest woman that had ever lived. […]

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6/15 Road Trip. Auf Wierdersehein

Image Courtesy of Today Sandy and I are taking a road trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Considered Michigan’s Little Bavaria, all of the buildings, restaurants and stores are Bavarian-esque. There are biergartens, flower gardens and music in the streets. Specialty treats include hand crafted soft pretzels, the coldest, German beer and Portobello mushroom fries with […]

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6/13 Thai Peanut & Curry Popsicles

Image courtesy of Facebook I love making popsicles. I had never made them until I became vegan and then they became a form of entertainment….a fanciful addition to any 80 degree day. Last night I splurged on new popsicle molds. They were $3.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and have already provided double that in […]

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6/11 Sweet Corn Soycutash

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