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12/12 Natural Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent

As we near the time to welcome in a new year, I want to encourage all of us to let in the new.  I am not talking great upheavel that requires heroic measures, but rather small changes that add up to create great things.  In this spirit, let’s talk about coming clean with our laundry […]

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5/20 Playing the Field

Happy Meatless Monday friends. Over the weekend I bought  a package of Field Roast Wild Mushroom deli slices. I had never had them so I thought I would give them a go. I knew I had a busy week and thought..these could come in handy.  This afternoon in haste and hunger I decided that tonight […]

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2/1 Quest for Vegan Moisturizer

I admit it….I am easily swayed by marketing and packaging.   I have been known to use my Visa card as a stabilizer for a sometimes unpredictable self esteem. My Chinese restaurant place-mat horoscope says that I am “Prone to spend freely.” Yesterday I found myself in the aisle at the drug store with the anti-aging creams […]

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9/26 Make it a Green Halloween

Last night as I was perusing my new LARABAR Fall Newsletter I saw that they had partnered with Green America for project Green Halloween. Among other details, they were of course recommending that you hand out LARABAR minis to your trick-or-treaters. Andy yes, I would don a costume for that.   Okay, I’ll bite, what […]

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4/17 Going Greek

One of my favorite foods in the world has always been Tzatziki, the cucumber Greek yogurt sauce  most commonly served with Greek food. I used to devour it with pita and on sandwiches of all kinds. I haven’t had it since we went vegan. I have not even tried to veganize it in my own […]

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2/28 Luxurious Vegan Laundry Soap

When we visited Grand Rapids in January for Wake Up Weekend, we discovered a cool Recycle shop called the Tree Hugger Store.  They are a recycle center for the community of many hard to recycle items and also have a retail storefront.  Their merchandise is a compilation of many chic “up-cycled” products.   Lots of […]

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2/25 Mamma Chia

I am enamored with Chia seeds. I want to incorporate them into my everyday and am working toward that. They provide Omegas by the truck load, protein, calcium and belly loving fiber without calories. They beef up baked goods, feed hungry muscles post workout and are really inexpensive. Yes please! The other day I found […]

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1/19 Out of the Box

Sometimes more than others, there is a negative amount of time to prepare a meal at home.  Hectic schedules, meetings and everyday experiences always take up more time and energy than expected. We had one of those days yesterday.  It was a long day of meetings and errands. By 7:30 I was starving and  needed […]

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1/18 Gifts for lovers…of animals and food

Valentines Day is less than a month away. If you don’t subscribe to Valentines Day, then I think February is a smashing time to buy yourself a gift to say I love you. I know I am going to. These items  from Etsy, an online  artisan handmade marketplace, have recently crossed my path and they […]

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12/17 You’re Nuts

Snacking is addictive…healthful snacking is like volunteering…good for everyone involved. Sahale snacks have stolen my heart (turned me into an addict, see this earlier Post). They have a new nut blend  that I wanted to share. Imagine if you will, pecans, cherries, walnuts and apples encrusted in maple and scented with cinnamon. They are crunchy, […]

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