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6/4 In The Cracks

Photo By: S. Duquet This past week we received a “mystery ingredient” in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from Living Stones Farm.  We recognized it as a very prevalent plant, but seldom one that is consumed.  It was Purslane, a leggy-looking sprout with small leaves.  Most of us consider it a weed, because it […]

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5/21 Memorial Day Menus

Happy Meatless Monday. I thought it would be fun to share two completely different menus for Memorial Day planning. This way, you will have plenty of time to shop and incorporate some vegan dishes for your Memorial Day celebrations. Because our gardens are not yet in full swing, you may need to purchase produce or […]

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5/11 Cantina Quinoa Salad

Yesterday at work I was asked to make a dish for the staff using a recipe from our website. I chose a quinoa salad because it was vegan (I like to eat on the job too), sounded great and did not require a Herculean amount of work to assemble. The staff absolutely went wild […]

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5/7 Cozumel Adventures of a Vegan Wannabe

We are home from our first all inclusive trip to Cozumel. I have missed writing and am happy to have my laptop in my lap again. I kept a daily log so I could share some of the mayhem and joy of the past week with you. Day 1. Photo By: S. Duquet Fresh squeezed juice […]

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4/20 Sherry, is That You?

Today’s post is more food for your soul than food for your belly.  For what feels like months now I have felt disconnected. Disconnected from my body, my joy and my strength.  I suspect that I am not the only one  out there that has ever felt like a complete stranger to the person staring […]

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4/17 Going Greek

One of my favorite foods in the world has always been Tzatziki, the cucumber Greek yogurt sauce  most commonly served with Greek food. I used to devour it with pita and on sandwiches of all kinds. I haven’t had it since we went vegan. I have not even tried to veganize it in my own […]

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4/12 Sure To Please

Last night my friend Eric sent me the greatest link to a story called, “Feed any Vegan or Food Allergy-Prone Friend With Just A Few Simple Recipes.” It is a list of five entrees and five desserts sure to please the dairy dodging , nut allergic, wheat avoiding loved ones in your life. The greatest […]

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4/7 Gnocchi with Butternut Sage Cream Sauce

I have been wanting to create a pasta dish with a butternut sage sauce. I saw an entree once with that sauce and thought it sounded so rich and beautiful.  I paired whole wheat gnocchi, (which I have never made until now) with  roasted butternut squash, fresh sage and raw cashews for the creamiest, dreamiest […]

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4/6 Top 10 Vegan Foodie Hotspots

While surfing the web yesterday afternoon I found an article that resonated with me for two reasons: 1. because it involves great vegan eateries  2.  travel in order to get to them.  Combining my two favorite pastimes into one story?  Rock on.  It is a story out of VegNews and written by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka […]

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3/20 Great American Meat Out

Today marks the first day of spring and the celebration of the Great American Meat Out.  Yes,  just like it sounds, a day to share in the education of the virtues of eating a plant based diet.  Organized as a remote grass roots movement in 1985, Meatout now has International reach and includes a coalition […]

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