11/19 On Our Way

We are in our rental car speeding through  the Everglades toward St Pete Beach. We have been in the Stuart area (North of Palm Beach) for our nieces Bat Mitzvah. The past four days have been a much needed infusion of warm sunshine,  nephew and niece adoration and time that has easily flowed without obligation. […]

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5 Tips To Enjoy A Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Plans are being made and menus are taking shape. If you are already rocking it vegetarian or vegan you probably know how some secrets to navigate a holiday meal. But if you are new to cruelty-free holidays or just trying it out, you may need a few tips to get […]

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11/11 Mediterranean Style Spaghetti Squash

Happy Meatless Monday. Winter squash season is here. There are boundless varieties to be found in our markets. Each one is a little bit different, all equally as delicious and easy to prepare. Time to buy them, store them and enjoy them for the next several months. This recipe creates a rich and satisfying dinner […]

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11/7 Mitten Munch Bars

We are leaving for Florida for our half marathon in nine days. There is packing to do, errands to be run and several more training runs to be fit in  before we fly South. This year we have been fueling our longer runs with whole foods like natural energy bars and almond stuffed dates. This […]

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11/4 Mexican Flour Tortilla Pizzas

Happy Meatless Monday and National Vegan Month. I have a fun and easy recipe to shore up your dinner plans. This dish is an inspiration from my friend Claire and happens to be a scandalous combination of  Mexican food and pizza, two of my favorites.  It is nearly as easy as the drive thru because […]

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Eat Vegan Before 6

Happy Meatless Monday As you know, Meatless Monday is the jump start to every week, to encourage all of us to ordain this day every week to choose to be animal-free in our meal choices.  The idea is to resolve to eat meatless, beginning with the first day and perhaps carrying through each subsequent day […]

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10/23 GMO Mini Summit

I read this article yesterday on HuffingtonPost.com and thought it was critical enough to share. I have copied it in its entirety below as well. In the article there is a link to a free online  GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) mini-Summit  which will be held October 25-27. Huge GMO News by: Ocean Robbins It hasn’t […]

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Pumpkin Chia Muffins w/Pumpkin Maple Butter

Happy Meatless Monday. Autumn has finally bullied my perfect Michigan Summer into submission. Summer ran away without looking back. The leaves have changed and are covering our yards like orange and yellow blankets, thick and heavy from rain and wind. It is time to turn on the oven. It is time for warm breakfasts and […]

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10/16 Vegan Running

Sandy and I are training for our third half marathon. The run is on November 24th in St Petersburg, Florida. It is a women’s only event that hosts over twenty thousand women every year. Four years ago while flipping through the pages of a women’s running magazine I saw the advertisement for the race. It […]

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10/14 Sea Salt Caramel Dip

Happy Meatless Monday. I have never been so excited to share a recipe. Photographing it became a battle between right and wrong. It took everything I had to not gobble down the entire plate of goodness. I absolutely love caramel apple dip. The minute I see a leaf change color and feel a slight chill […]

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