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2/3 Dark Chocolate Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Happy Meatless Monday. I have a recipe to share that is going to change the way you enjoy peanut butter cookies forever.  My friend Katie made these cookies she found on and they were  insane enough to share with me. I have since made them myself and have nearly come unhinged knowing they are […]

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12/9 Five Vegan Food Gifts

Happy Meatless Monday. The gifting season is upon us. Gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and family. My favorite gifts to give are always  from our kitchen.  A foodie gift says, ” You are so special to me that I would like to nourish you with something I made myself.” That  kind of gift is always […]

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11/4 Mexican Flour Tortilla Pizzas

Happy Meatless Monday and National Vegan Month. I have a fun and easy recipe to shore up your dinner plans. This dish is an inspiration from my friend Claire and happens to be a scandalous combination of  Mexican food and pizza, two of my favorites.  It is nearly as easy as the drive thru because […]

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10/14 Sea Salt Caramel Dip

Happy Meatless Monday. I have never been so excited to share a recipe. Photographing it became a battle between right and wrong. It took everything I had to not gobble down the entire plate of goodness. I absolutely love caramel apple dip. The minute I see a leaf change color and feel a slight chill […]

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6/26 Melon All Fruit Pops

In the Summer I love making popsicles. I enjoy the indulgence of frozen treats and the sensibility of making it myself with delicious and readily available ingredients. Right now all of the fruit available tastes like it is the best it has ever been. The berries have been addicting and  the melon,  luscious and sweet. […]

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6/6 DIY Papaya Ice Cream w/Toasted Coconut

Happy day two of All Things Frozen Week. Last year while staying in Cozumel I fell madly in love with papaya. I ate it everyday, multiple times a day.  I ate the equivalent of what the trip cost in papaya. Some people take the toiletries or use more towels than they need…I ate papaya.  I […]

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6/3 Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles

Happy Meatless Monday and self proclaimed All Things Frozen Week. This week I want to celebrate the return of Summer by  focusing on dairy free desserts to enjoy as the sun blazes overhead. It has been steamy hot here in Michigan. The kind of hot  that makes you want to eat popsicles for lunch and […]

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5/27 Happy Meatless Memorial Day

Happy Meatless Memorial Day friends. Ever since I was a little girl I have always considered Memorial Day the official kick-off to Summer. On this day the grills burn hotter, the ice cream tastes better and all of our local pools open. We honor those that have served while celebrating the long awaited return of […]

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5/15 Adventures in Zip Lining

  While in the Dominican Republic, we went zip lining.  I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect. Our trip began with an hour and fifteen minute open air truck ride to the mountains. We drove away from the ocean into dusty, scorching hot villages, through pouring rain and fields […]

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6/22 I Scream, for More

I whipped up another popsicle creation. This green-tastic one is Pistachio. They are creamy and refreshing. The roasted nuts add a nice crunch and a slightly salty taste. It has been so perfectly warm and muggy over the past few days. I absolutely love it like this. It is the ideal popsicle weather. Ingredients: 1 Box […]

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