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12/23 Vegan Quiche

Happy Meatless Monday. When I was a little girl, we always had quiche on Christmas morning. It was my Mom’s thing. She made it every year and it was divine. It was the most decadent way to celebrate  a holiday that always began so early in the morning. Since becoming vegan, Sandy has perfected vegan […]

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12/16 Apple Beet Ginger Juice

Happy Meatless Monday. On our most recent trip to Florida I got re-addicted to fresh juice. There was the most bizarre cafe/store/gas station by our hotel that was cranking out some serious fresh juices.  My new fave flavor combination is apple, beet, ginger. It is sweet and earthy with a slightly aggressive ginger bite. Now […]

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12/9 Five Vegan Food Gifts

Happy Meatless Monday. The gifting season is upon us. Gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and family. My favorite gifts to give are always  from our kitchen.  A foodie gift says, ” You are so special to me that I would like to nourish you with something I made myself.” That  kind of gift is always […]

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Pumpkin Chia Muffins w/Pumpkin Maple Butter

Happy Meatless Monday. Autumn has finally bullied my perfect Michigan Summer into submission. Summer ran away without looking back. The leaves have changed and are covering our yards like orange and yellow blankets, thick and heavy from rain and wind. It is time to turn on the oven. It is time for warm breakfasts and […]

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10/14 Sea Salt Caramel Dip

Happy Meatless Monday. I have never been so excited to share a recipe. Photographing it became a battle between right and wrong. It took everything I had to not gobble down the entire plate of goodness. I absolutely love caramel apple dip. The minute I see a leaf change color and feel a slight chill […]

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9/18 Wrap it Up

Sometimes I get tired of bread and wraps and think, “Isn’t there a better way to eat a sandwich?” Well there is and it is inexpensive and abundantly healthy without even trying.  I have started adding collard green wraps to create delicious sandwiches. I know…it sounds like food for rabbits and hippies but I promise […]

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9/2 Chia Seed Jams

Happy Meatless Monday and Labor Day. I have the most fun and easy recipes to share.  They will add some freshness and life to your breakfast routine. One of my favorite things to have for breakfast is a toasty raisin english muffin with raw almond butter and jam. It feels comforting yet still energizing and […]

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7/18 Pistachio Pate with Grilled Figs

Fresh figs are now in season and have graced the shelves of our local markets. When they finally appear I begin to purchase them like I require them for my very survival. I buy them en masse because I adore them, but also because I fear and dread their inevitable disappearance. According to, fig […]

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6/26 Melon All Fruit Pops

In the Summer I love making popsicles. I enjoy the indulgence of frozen treats and the sensibility of making it myself with delicious and readily available ingredients. Right now all of the fruit available tastes like it is the best it has ever been. The berries have been addicting and  the melon,  luscious and sweet. […]

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5/26 Keeping Cool

Yesterday it was amazingly, unseasonably warm. Summer trampled on Spring and it was steamy, hot and humid (my favorite weather ever!).  I made up these yummy, easy and filling  sandwiches to avoid cooking anything. They were SO delicious and fun to eat…we will definitely have them again. I made a vegan herbed cream cheese ahead of […]

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