11/7 Mitten Munch Bars

We are leaving for Florida for our half marathon in nine days. There is packing to do, errands to be run and several more training runs to be fit in  before we fly South. This year we have been fueling our longer runs with whole foods like natural energy bars and almond stuffed dates.

This has made a significant difference in our strength during runs and recovery time afterward. It is truly amazing what a few whole foods can do.

https://colorado.doortodoororganics.com/images/no_image_medium.jpgWe have been using a new all  natural granola bar that I would like to share. It is made by a locally owned company here in Michigan, called Mitten Munch. They have elevated their bars to a place where it no longer seems fitting to even call them granola bars because the term no longer applies. They are better than that.

Every Mitten Munch bar is crafted with the types of  foods you will feel good about snacking on. They will nourish your busy, active body with chia and flax seeds. I have been cutting the bars into four pieces and putting them in to snack baggies in the freezer before our long runs.

When we leave for the run. I put the baggies in our running belts for quick fuel mid- run. The bars are especially delicious while exercising and for breakfast because they are not incredibly sweet. They simply taste like fruit and nuts in an easy to bring along package. I like that. 

Mitten Munch currently offers nine flavors ranging from Berry Lemonade to Fudge Brownie.  I have tried almost all nine flavors and would find it difficult to name just one as my favorite.

The PB&J, Blueberry Cobbler and Vanilla Orange won me over for their uniqueness. The Pb&J is crafted with raspberries making it a grown up version of a childhood favorite.

Mitten Munch bars may be ordered through their website online here  or through the home delivery food company Door to Door Organics. The Mitten Munch site offers a multipack of all nine flavors for only $18 plus shipping. That way, you can experience every delicious flavor for yourself.   Right now, their site indicates a 4 week fulfillment window for orders, as the demand for these delicious morsels continues.  Order them now and they’ll arrive in time for a holiday treat or a great gift for stockings stuffers.

Feed your body well and in return, it will help you to do all of the fun, exciting, mundane and energy requiring things your day may hold.

Have a delicious day.

Images courtesy of www.MittenMunch.com and www.Michigan.DoortoDoorOrganics.com

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  1. Sammy J Says:

    Why aren’t these in every store in the country?! I don’t know where these bars have been all my life, but I am absolutely in love with them!!! They really hit the nail on the head with their flavors: pb&j actually tastes like I’m eating a sandwich and I can’t even type about blueberry cobbler without drooling. I’ll be honest, they go everywhere with me. I bring them to the gym, to work, on bike rides, the beach, and even to my relative’s gatherings cause the word “vegan” to them is akin to a 4 letter word. I also keep a stash in my car to get me through rush hour traffic. Just…incredible!!

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