11/4 Mexican Flour Tortilla Pizzas

meatless_monday_logo_336x180-1Happy Meatless Monday and National Vegan Month.

I have a fun and easy recipe to shore up your dinner plans. This dish is an inspiration from my friend Claire and happens to be a scandalous combination of  Mexican food and pizza, two of my favorites.  It is nearly as easy as the drive thru because you are taking creative license with pre-made tortillas and canned beans.

Having a hectic day does not have to  preclude enjoying a delicious, healthful dinner. You need fuel for your body and mind. You can get it on the table in minutes.

Mexican pizzaMexican Flour Tortilla Pizzas

makes 2 individual pizzas

by: S. Duquet


2 large  flour tortillas (I used 9 inch in diameter)

1 C vegetarian refried black or pinto beans

1 C chopped peppers ( I used yellow)

1 C chopped olives (I used black and green)

1 diced avocado

Make it Happen

~Preheat oven to 350 degrees then get out a skillet and large baking sheet

~Spray your skillet with non stick spray or lightly oil and brown both sides of your tortillas on low to medium heat.

~Heat refried beans (I warmed them in a microwave, but you could also do them stovetop) then spread evenly on each tortilla.

~Put bean coated tortillas on baking sheet and heat in the oven for 10 minutesMexican pizza3

~Remove tortillas from oven and top with your veggies.  Slice with a pizza cutter or long knife and enjoy. I served ours with fresh salsa and a side of  cumin green beans spritzed with lime. Get wild and top your pizzas with vegan cheese, chopped cilantro or diced green chiles.

You are going to love these for a quick snack, dinner or holiday appetizer.

Have a delicious day.


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  1. ramona Says:

    Great idea!

  2. Sherry Says:

    Thank you Ramona. I love quick and easy dinner ideas.

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