1/28 Festival Salad

Happy Meatless Monday. I have a salad to share that is ridiculously easy to prepare, features the floral sweetness of Meyer Lemons and the health benefits of Kelp. You are going to love this one.

Last week I fell in love with a salad from the Whole Foods Market deli called Detox Salad. It was a simple creation featuring broccoli, cauliflower, a handful of dried fruits and sunflower seeds. The dressing had only lemon juice, kelp granules, water, salt and pepper. Despite my disdain for all things sea-weedy, I gave it a try. I had hoped that the flavor of the sea would be imperceptible, and it was.

As a vegan and lover of healthful things, I want to love plants from the sea. They are supposed to be almost magical in their ability to do good and to provide important minerals and nutrients. I have tried and until now, had not been able to enjoy anything that had even been found near the sea, let alone in it.  

In an effort to try and re-create the salad on my own, I purchased a bottle of Maine Coast raw, organic Kelp Granules from Whole Foods and hurried home to give it a go. The salad has only a handful of ingredients that take very little prep making it very easy to assemble, toss, chill and enjoy. My kind of dish. I used Meyer Lemons because they are currently in season and I really, really love their lemony/sweet flavor. If you decide to use regular lemons, you may want to add a tiny dash of agave to compensate for the tang of the lemons but taste it first to see if you need it.

The salad is crunchy, sweet, tangy and satisfying in a way greater than its appearance. It tastes festive…that is why when Vitaman recommended I call it Festival Salad…I said, “Done.”

Festival Salad

Inspired by the Detox Salad from the Whole Foods deli and slightly reimagined by S. Duquet


7 C finely chopped raw broccoli and cauliflower

2 C finely chopped parsley

Juice of 4 Meyer lemons

1/2 C water or a little more as needed to make salad moist

3/4  Tbsp Kelp granules or more if you would like

3/4 C golden raisins

3/4 C dried currants

3/4 C raw sunflower seeds

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

Make It Happen

~Put everything in a large bowl and toss with the lemon juice to coat. Cover and chill then serve and enjoy.

This is a great one to keep in the fridge for your midday snacks, post workout binge or quickie side for dinner. If you enjoy the taste of sea-weed, shake in more kelp granules. If you prefer to not know its there while receiving their benefits…start with 3/4 Tbsp and add from there. For more info on the benefits of Kelp you may visit KelpBenefits.com.

Have a delicious day.

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    Hi Sherry,
    Is there a charge for being part of KickStart? If so, how do I remove my name? Can you recommend a cookbook? I looked at BookBeat’s selection yesterday, but couldn’t make a decision.

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    Hi Nan,
    There is no charge for the PCRM Vegan Kickstart program. It is free and for anyone that is interested. Pass it on to your friends and loved ones…anyone that could benefit from free recipes and inspirational emails from people that are cheering for your good health.

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