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1/30 A Super Bowl of Vegan Edibles

This afternoon I realized that it was just four short days until the Super Bowl. It is time for some decadent, show stopping, easy to prepare recipes to dazzle your friends and family with. Because the Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption holiday, second only to Thanksgiving, I thought it would be interesting […]

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1/28 Festival Salad

Happy Meatless Monday. I have a salad to share that is ridiculously easy to prepare, features the floral sweetness of Meyer Lemons and the health benefits of Kelp. You are going to love this one. Last week I fell in love with a salad from the Whole Foods Market deli called Detox Salad. It was a simple […]

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1/25 Kickstart Your Life

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is offering a free 21 Day Vegan Kickstart program. It is designed to help you incorporate vegan foods into your lifestyle in an easy and sustainable way. When you sign up you will receive tips and recipes every day for 21 days, beginning on the first of the […]

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1/21 Winter Fruit Bake w/ Vanilla Bean Whipped Cashew Cream

Happy Meatless Monday friends. Today it was a high of 18 degrees in my Michigan town. The wind was howling and snow kept falling. Time for a warm dessert. I wanted to warm fruit, both fresh and dried and so I created this winter fruit bake.  To celebrate the fruit I left the bake naked then topped it with a […]

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1/18 New York Supersized Beverage Ban Falls Flat

A few days ago the latest Hungry for Change newsletter  popped into my inbox with an article in it about the proposed ban on the sale of supersized beverages in New York City. The ban would pertain to some (not all) sweetened beverages 16 ounces or larger.  I find this very interesting and thought I would […]

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1/16 Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup with Kale

The adventures of VitaMan and his sidekick, Sherry the VeganWannabe continue with this fun dish, roasted garlic and potato soup. Keith allowed me to blend up a new soup recipe using his Vitamix. I roasted this…added that and it was done.  I love this machine and must have one. The good news is that those of us without our own Vitamix […]

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1/14 Creamy Corn Chowder

Happy Meatless Monday. Sandy and I are still in Michigan after a death in my family brought us back unexpectedly. Because we had planned to spend the winter in Florida,  there is a family renting our home so we are staying with our friends Kathy and Keith.  A few days after we arrived, Sandy and I […]

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1/11 Gwen’s World Famous Pecan Tart

While spending time in Atlanta it became an obsession to find authentic Georgia pecans. As someone that loves to bake and  has a passion for pecans, I could not  leave the holy land of pecans without having experienced them first hand. We went to a store called Burgers Farm Fresh Fruit Market in Marietta. It […]

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1/3 Vegan Empanadas

Our trip South has taken an unexpected turn and Sandy, Chloe and I are in the KIA headed home to Michigan for a week and a half. There has been a death in my family so we left Atlanta yesterday for the twelve hour drive home.  Sandy’s mom packed us a lunch complete with tropical […]

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