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12/31 Gwen’s Vegan Picadillo

Happy Meatless Monday and Happy New Year’s Eve My mother-in-law Gwen is a wonderful cook. She is adventurous and can veganize anything.  When I am with her it is abundantly clear where Sandy got her reckless, anything goes attitude in the kitchen. Gwen cooks for us every time we are together and it  always feels like […]

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12/29 Universal Vegans

Yesterday we left Orlando and drove back to Atlanta to spend New Year’s Eve with Sandy’s parents.  Our cooler was packed with Tofurky sandwiches, soy creamer for coffee stops, fruit and  hummus. As part of a desire to create a new Christmas celebration for ourselves, we spent the past four days, including Christmas day at […]

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12/26 World Peace Cafe

While in Atlanta we had the opportunity to visit the World Peace Cafe. The Cafe is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant owned and operated by the Kadampa Meditation Center of Georgia. It is staffed by volunteers that share the vision of compassionate living through vegetarianism and meditation. The day we joined them they had the disposition of […]

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12/24 The Night Before A Compassionate Christmas

Sending you peace and joy today from Exploits. Hope you enjoy our vegan Christmas poem. The Night Before a Compassionate Christmas by S. Duquet and S. Boulton ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the farm Not a creature was stirring, because they were safe from harm The stockings were hung by the barn […]

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12/21 Vegan Snowbirds

Happy Winter Solstice. To me the Solstice represents the death of the old creating space and light for the birth of the new. The sloughing away of negative ideas, experiences and fears. I am writing  to you from the passenger seat of the KIA. We are driving South in a blinding snow storm. We have […]

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12/14 Gifting Vegan Biscotti

Yesterday I  baked and packaged two flavors of vegan biscotti for friends and colleagues. It is a gift I am proud to share.  Despite their sophisticated appearance, biscotti are relatively easy to make and perfect for veganizing. I chose bright flavors with crunchy nut counterparts, but feel free to try any combo you think would […]

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12/11 My Dolphin Tale

Earlier this year we saw the movie A Dolphin Tale. It is a lovely family movie based on  actual events.  In December of 2005, an injured three month old dolphin washed up on shore.  Rope from a crab trap had wound around the dolphin’s tail, injuring it very badly. Under the care of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, […]

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