11/14 On Our Way

I am sitting in seat 16B of the plane that is speeding toward West Palm Beach. I was just handed three complimentary vegan snacks from the flight attendant. We are on our way to Florida for our second half marathon. We have trained for nearly six months. We have run in the scorching sun and the freezing cold. The sun of course being my preference, hence the trip to Florida. I believe that running a half marathon warrants a ten day vacation.

Getting ready for the half has been so different than training for the same run a year ago. Last year I was frequently consumed with fear and doubt. I shared many of my training highs and lows here on the blog in a segment called the Kale Trail Update. Writing about it helped me to see how I really felt about myself. Sometimes painful to see, it helped me grow in the most positive way. This year I have felt confident and strong and I am grateful. The run is on Sunday. I am looking forward to the culmination of so much effort and emotional dilligence.

Training for a half marathon has shown me that my body is more than willing to override the negative thoughts and fears that have saturated my thinking my entire life. I have found that if I am willing to move forward and attempt new things despite the fear….the paralyzing feelings fall away and the destructive self-talk comes less often. I think that is an amazing benefit of an activity where you already receive a huge medal.

The day after the marathon we are going to Shell Key, an uninhabited island small enough to walk completely around in a few hours. You arrive there on a pontoon boat and are dropped off with a snorkel and beach umbrella. You can walk the white sand for hours without seeing another person. It is what I envision as the embodiment of heaven on earth. Every single time I step onto this sandy beach I am nearly leveled by the natural, unaffected beauty.
We are also going to meet Winter, the dolphin of the famed Dolphin Tale movie at the rehab facility in Clearwater where he lives.

Lots of vegan edibles, a few animal sanctuaries and a half marathon to tell you about. I look forward to sharing it with you soon. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Your positive comments throughout my training have fueled me and I am grateful.

Have a delicious day.

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  1. Nancy & Rob Says:

    Run like the wind ladies….and have fun! Please bring back a pretty shell for me! Shell Key has been added to my bucket list.

    Nancy & Rob

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