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9/28 Vegan Breakfast Recipes for a Happy Weekend

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is having more time for breakfast.  Here is a bundle of my favorite vegan breakfast recipes.  I hope one or two of them fit into your weekend. Many of them can be made and enjoyed more than once. You need fuel for play, work and running errands. […]

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9/26 Make it a Green Halloween

Last night as I was perusing my new LARABAR Fall Newsletter I saw that they had partnered with Green America for project Green Halloween. Among other details, they were of course recommending that you hand out LARABAR minis to your trick-or-treaters. Andy yes, I would don a costume for that.   Okay, I’ll bite, what […]

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9/24 French Toast w/ Pumpkin Butter and Apple

I recently picked up the Guide to Veg Living which is a free mini magazine created for Veg For life, a Farm Sanctuary campaign. It is a complimentary, mini magazine that has tips and tricks for the vegan wannabe.  Inside I found a recipe for Phenomenal French Toast. I thought…wow, they are really confident about […]

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9/21 Let’s Walk For Change

In a few weeks Sandy and I will be participating in our local Walk For Farm Animals event to benefit Farm Sanctuary. They host walks all over the country from  September 8th to November 3rd to support the work they do caring for and rescuing  farm animals. In addition to their sanctuary in Watkins Glen, […]

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9/19 Fresh Fig Bars

I have always loved Fig Newtons. Their sponge cake meets shortbread attitude and unapologetic lack of sweetness have captivated me since childhood. I have loved them long before I knew a fig was a fruit. I thought it was a filling. A few days ago I purchased what looked like a small suitcase of fresh […]

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9/17 Chloe’s Meatless Monday, Vegan Dog Food

Happy Meatless Monday. In July I shared  that I had found a new vegan dog food by Halo pet foods. Here is a link to the original post. In the past I had given quite a bit of  thought to switching Chloe to a vegan diet but frankly, was nervous. I don’t know anything about […]

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9/14 The Declining Consumption of Meat

Last night I read the most gratifying article from VegNews online. It was an article talking about why for the first time since World War II, meat consumption is on a steady decline.  The numbers are actually staggering. According to Paul Shapiro of VegNews, over the last five years, meat consumption has dropped by 12.2 […]

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9/12 Winner and No Beast Feast

Thank you for posting and commenting on the Exploits blog and Facebook page to be a part of the No Beast Feast ticket giveaway.  Dalal A. is the winner of the 2 tix and she and a guest will be joining us to the festive affair this Friday night. If you are in the metro […]

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9/3 Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Happy Meatless Monday. Every time I use my Crock-pot I marvel at how much it feels like magic. I put in a bunch of liquid, seasonings and raw food, secure the lid, then leave it alone for several hours as it lovingly creates a gourmet meal. Nothing can make meatless, weeknight meals easier than a […]

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9/7 Positive Effects of Soy

As a culinary instructor, blog writer and food demonstrator, I am frequently asked about whether or not I consume or avoid soy and soy products. When I first went vegan, my sister sent me countless articles about why I  should never, ever eat soy. I have to admit, because of the onslaught of conflicting information […]

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