4/27 Have Soy Creamer Will Travel

Tomorrow Sandy and I leave for a  week on  Cozumel. We both enjoyed milestone birthdays this year and wanted to celebrate doing  something spectacular. We are staying at an all inclusive resort which neither of us has ever done.  We have decided to release concern and just wing it in the food department. Honestly, living on guacamole for a week would be my own personal heaven. This trip was also born under the….reconnect with myself, allow joy and release everything else plan. That is why we have chose a trip where everything is at our fingertips…including already paid for vegan guacamole (margaritas). 

I found an artisan  chocolatier called KaoKao on Cozumel that is making what sounds like exquisite dark chocolate bars. They offer a cacao to chocolate  bar tour which includes the opportunity to grind your own Mexican drinking chocolate to take home. Yes please. I look forward to checking it out and sharing with you.

As an excited planner and veg traveler, I did of course do a little vegan homework.  I did a Happy Cow search of  Cozumel looking for vegan restaurants, then ordered soy creamer for travel. I do enjoy (demand) two cups of half caff every morning. It is part of my ritual, I enjoy it, don’t want to go without it. At home I use liquid soy creamer, which I love in coffee. Because I am super anal about some things, it occurred to me last week that there would be a soy creamer deficit on Cozumel and I better find a way to bring my own. After a small search I found SoyGo, soy creamer for on the go. They are single serve packets of powdered, organic, non-GMO soy creamer. Brilliant. They came yesterday and I tried it this morning for the first time.

I love it. It did the trick, is easy to pack and and will ensure that no matter where I am, I can enjoy coffee the way I like it…with a bit of cream. I found that if I put the packet in first then the coffee, it dissolved with little effort. I used two packets per cup to reach my desired creaminess. It is neither sweet, metallic nor oily like powdered creamers of yore. It is creamy and convenient.

I ordered SoyGo right from their site www.SoyGo.net.  A box of 25 packets was $7.49. I ordered two and received free shipping. Grand total of $15 bucks to have  coffee the way I enjoy it most, fifteen hundred miles away from home. Worth it to me. SoyGo is also involved in some pretty serious animal loving activism. Click on the link to learn more about Saving Opus One.

I look forward to sharing exciting travel stories of a vegan wannabe at her first all inclusive when I return.

Have a delicious week.

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  1. julie Says:

    Enjoy :) .

  2. Sheila Reiss Says:

    I am trying to find this product, Soygo, and live in Denver. Do you know a site I can go to in order to order it?

  3. Sherry Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Unfortunately, I am no longer able to find it either. It is too bad because it is such an excellent product. The last time I traveled I purchased a powdered soy milk and used it in concentrated doses in my coffee. It worked like a powdered creamer, was delicious and easy to travel with.

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