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4/27 Have Soy Creamer Will Travel

Tomorrow Sandy and I leave for a  week on  Cozumel. We both enjoyed milestone birthdays this year and wanted to celebrate doing  something spectacular. We are staying at an all inclusive resort which neither of us has ever done.  We have decided to release concern and just wing it in the food department. Honestly, living […]

4/25 Evolve Campaign

Last night I found one of the most compelling videos inspiring compassionate living that I have ever seen. It was direct and unambiguous. In place of the frequently common, night terror inducing video images of animal cruelty, were carefully placed and  impactful images. The absence of excessive gore sucked me in and I was immediately […]

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4/23 Coconut Shortbread w/Dark Chocolate

Happy Meatless Monday. Today I have a recipe for the type of baked good that will rejuvenate or give rise to your joy of baking. I believe this because praise worthy success requires so little with this one. The enjoyment to aggravation scale is tipped in this recipe’s favor and I think that is the […]

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4/20 Sherry, is That You?

Today’s post is more food for your soul than food for your belly.  For what feels like months now I have felt disconnected. Disconnected from my body, my joy and my strength.  I suspect that I am not the only one  out there that has ever felt like a complete stranger to the person staring […]

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4/17 Going Greek

One of my favorite foods in the world has always been Tzatziki, the cucumber Greek yogurt sauce  most commonly served with Greek food. I used to devour it with pita and on sandwiches of all kinds. I haven’t had it since we went vegan. I have not even tried to veganize it in my own […]

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4/16 Pistachio Lemon & Almond Orange Biscotti

Happy Meatless Monday. I have been wanting to try my hand at baking vegan biscotti. Recently a friend of ours brought over some of her handcrafted biscotti and I thought, what a truly elegant gift. I love edible gifts anyway but biscotti felt so exotic, like something you would only purchase….but not make in your […]

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4/13 Tempeh Salad

Image Courtesy of I love tempeh. I love it tossed with veggies, made into panninis and out of the pan bloated with Tamari. It is nutty and filling and chewy in a pleasant way.I love that it is so inexpensive while tasting so incredibly rich. It is abundant in all things good and lacking […]

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4/12 Sure To Please

Last night my friend Eric sent me the greatest link to a story called, “Feed any Vegan or Food Allergy-Prone Friend With Just A Few Simple Recipes.” It is a list of five entrees and five desserts sure to please the dairy dodging , nut allergic, wheat avoiding loved ones in your life. The greatest […]

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4/11 Pineapple Cilantro Salad

Yesterday I bought the most scrumptious pineapple at the grocery store. It was bright and ripe and  juicy.  When picking a pineapple, look for one that is more yellow then green and gently tug on one of the center leaves at the crown. If it comes right out, your pineapple is ready to enjoy. The […]

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4/9 Rawtella

Happy Meatless Monday. When I decided to try veganism, one of the things I was terrified I would have to go without was really extraordinary, mind boggling chocolate. Sometimes it is sooo good to be wrong. Over the weekend I indulged in an edible phenomenon called Rawtella. It is a hand crafted spread made from […]

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