3/20 Great American Meat Out

Today marks the first day of spring and the celebration of the Great American Meat Out.  Yes,  just like it sounds, a day to share in the education of the virtues of eating a plant based diet.  Organized as a remote grass roots movement in 1985, Meatout now has International reach and includes a coalition of many of the most influential vegan and animal activist organizations, such as Mercy for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, In Defense of Animals, Vegan Outreach, PETA and many more.    

Intentionally coinciding with the the first day of spring, it marks a new beginning a re-birth and seems quite fitting for a compassionate way of eating.    The goal of 2012 Meatout is to distribute vegan food samples to 30,000 new people, which sounds like a very humble goal.  This is being done across the country throughout March, but with particular focus on today, mostly in grass roots endeavors.  Meatout’s site lists those activities that have registered with them here. They are just a few examples of something going on formally, but we can all take part by sharing a recipe or a taste of your favorite vegan dish with a friend or family member.

Meatout provides some interesting facts about the plant based movement and its most recent rapid growth.  My favorite tidbit is this one: “One in five teens thinks vegetarianism is cool.”  There you have it, once a trend begins to get traction and is even dubbed cool by 20% of teenagers, you know you have finally made it.    There is much more information and even materials for how to participate further if you want to take a peek at the site.   Click here: Meatout.org

So this is a day to celebrate and continue to make change together, one meal at a time.  Know anyone new you can share some vegan food with in March?

Have a delicious day.

Images Courtesy of Meatout.

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    Thanks for the info and links!
    Happy Spring…I’m off to find fresh favas! Cheers!

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