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3/29 Fresh Bean Sprout and Edamame Nests

Last night we decided to craft an Asian themed meal and experiment with a few new recipes.  A friend came over who is one of our designated “taste testers” and we had a ball creating two new recipes to share. This is the first. One of the most common Asian veggies that I really enjoy […]

3/28 Parsley Cashew Pesto

Sometimes I crave green food. This seems implied from someone living a vegan lifestyle but it really isn’t. When I came home from work last night feeling dejected and sulky,  I polished off a bag of pita chips then fell into a deep carbohydrate induced nap. When I woke up several hours later I had […]

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3/27 Conscious Eating Conference

Videos were made available yesterday from a Conscious Eating Conference that was held in Berkley, Ca. in February.   This was the 10th annual conference and it addressed some compelling topics around food justice, compassion for farmed animals, new food choice perspectives and more.  The  organizers of the event describe it in this synopsis: “Conscious […]

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3/26 Meatless Monday Spring Pea Soup

Image courtesy of Happy Meatless Monday. Spring continues to shine brightly on Michigan. Over the past week and a half we have enjoyed a record breaking heat wave. It felt  like a personal gift to me from the heavens. The warm sun was like a healing tonic for my brain and body. Last night […]

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3/24 A Carrot Cake of Convenience

One of Sandy’s favorite desserts is carrot cake. I would be more than happy to whip one up for her….especially one as easy as this.  The other day I saw a carrot cake mix by Simply Organic and wondered if it would be a flavorful stand-in for a homemade rendition.  When I turned the box […]

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3/23 Chayote Jicama Salad

Image Courtesy of Recently a good friend of ours, Amy,  introduced us to the most delicious Chayote Squash. Amy used to live in the Dominican where she would enjoy Chayote as a regular part of their diet.  They are lime green in color and the size of a buxom pear. You peel off the […]

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3/22 Hungry For Change

Yesterday I received an exciting email from the creators of the film Food Matters. They have released a new movie called Hungry For Change. On their site, not only can you watch their scintillating trailer, you may also watch the movie in its entirety for free for the next nine days (until March 31). […]

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3/20 Great American Meat Out

Today marks the first day of spring and the celebration of the Great American Meat Out.  Yes,  just like it sounds, a day to share in the education of the virtues of eating a plant based diet.  Organized as a remote grass roots movement in 1985, Meatout now has International reach and includes a coalition […]

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3/19 Poblano Queso

Happy Meatless Monday. Recently someone asked me what I missed about being vegan. I had to think about it because it has been my experience that there are so many phenomenal vegan replacements for most anything I could desire,  that I haven’t ever felt deprived. However, I do remember that as I embarked on the […]

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3/17 Time for Grillin Dogs

Courtesy of Spring has made an early appearance here in Michigan and it has been magnificent.  It is anyone’s guess how long this glorious heat wave will stay and whether or not we will once again see more of the frozen white stuff flying around. The warm sun has been an unexpected gift so […]

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