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2/29 Meyer Lemon Zucchini Pizza

Courtesy of The first time I had ever had a Meyer Lemon was in a gin and tonic in Georgia. It was love at first sip. They have the bravado of a lemon with the sweetness of a tangerine. They are fragrant and juicy with an unmistakable orange hue that grows in beauty as […]

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2/28 Luxurious Vegan Laundry Soap

When we visited Grand Rapids in January for Wake Up Weekend, we discovered a cool Recycle shop called the Tree Hugger Store.  They are a recycle center for the community of many hard to recycle items and also have a retail storefront.  Their merchandise is a compilation of many chic “up-cycled” products.   Lots of […]

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2/27 Meatless Monday Ethiopian Stew

Happy Meatless Monday. Sandy has been wanting to create a dish inspired by Ethiopian spices.  It is one of those things that gets into your head and you can’t stop thinking about it until you finally give it a go.   As I came home from work the other night, a waft of delicious aroma […]

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2/25 Mamma Chia

I am enamored with Chia seeds. I want to incorporate them into my everyday and am working toward that. They provide Omegas by the truck load, protein, calcium and belly loving fiber without calories. They beef up baked goods, feed hungry muscles post workout and are really inexpensive. Yes please! The other day I found […]

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2/24 Happy Birthday to Me

Courtesy of Today is my 40th birthday. I have the day off work, a new sled with Snowmageddon in the forecast and plans to play with people I cherish. I am excited and grateful. In my heart I have carried around two goals to reach before this day….to run  a half marathon and to […]

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2/23 Raw Bananas Foster Truffles

A  few nights ago I was inspired to create a  Bananas Foster-esque dessert. I envisioned it being raw with all the flair but without added sugar. I began throwing things into the food processor with a bit of reckless abandon and this is what I came up with. Photo By: S. Duquet I called them […]

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2/22 Louisiana Style Red Beans and Rice

In honor of Mardi Gras I wanted to share a recipe for Louisiana style Red Beans and Rice. Here is a slice of Mardi Gras info from to whet your appetite. On Mardi Gras in 1827, a group of students donned colorful costumes and danced through the streets of New Orleans, emulating the revelry […]

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2/21 Vegan Ranch

Photo By: S. Duquet I have always loved homemade ranch dressing. The kind that you get in really good restaurants or seedy diners. Yesterday for our meatless meal clients we created a retro diner themed meal. With their meals we gave them an iceberg lettuce wedge with homemade vegan ranch dressing and sliced cherry tomatoes. […]

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2/20 Diner Doughnuts with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Happy Meatless Monday. Over the weekend we did a lot of shopping at stores with housewares like Target and Marshall’s. I was struck by how many new baking accoutrements there are. There is a pan for everything from mini tarts to baby bundts. The possibilities are unlimited and it inspires me to explore recipes to […]

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2/18 Vegan Mac n Cheese

Every vegan wannabe has an arsenal of  favorite recipes for vegan mac and cheese….here is our first. The other night we were seeking some comfort food, you know the kind of food that fills your belly and a place in your soul that is wanting to feel safe and loved too.   We discussed some […]

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