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Sometimes more than others, there is a negative amount of time to prepare a meal at home.  Hectic schedules, meetings and everyday experiences always take up more time and energy than expected.

We had one of those days yesterday.  It was a long day of meetings and errands. By 7:30 I was starving and  needed to make it work in 15 minutes or less,  lest I embark on a food related rampage and consume all the hummus and pita chips in the world. So,  I opened the pantry to survey the shelves for any feasible pre-packaged options at our disposal.   There it was, a carton of soup from the Fig Food Co.

This carton was one of those curiosity health food purchases a while back that we decided to buy and see if it was any good.  I think the verdict is still out on many of these types of pre-packaged foods,  some of the lower sodium ones can be outright tasteless or icky and those that have some flavor seem to be very high in sodium, so we struggle to find a good for you, healthy option in a can or carton.   Here’s the scoop on our Fig soup carton: it was vegan, organic, low sodium, low fat, had a short list of ingredients that you can actually recognize and…….tasted really good.

Photo By: S. Duquet

We had the Chickpea, Tomato & Thyme Soup, lightly salted.  Shake the carton, open, pour into a saucepan and heat.   Done.  Most of the time, Sandy feels obligated to “fix” anything that comes out of a can or carton with her own seasoning concoction and this one was good enough to enjoy without being altered.  This is good soup.  I will positively try some of the other Fig brand products without hesitation.

The  broth was full of flavor, seasoned as they described with light salt that didn’t mask the other notes of garlic and thyme.  It had a Mediterranean flair with enough chick peas to satisfy my desire for a hearty serving.  I said out loud that I thought it was as good as homemade. Sandy, who makes all the homemade soup in our family shot me a look like I had casually mentioned killing and eating Chloe. I think that means she agreed.We had it alongside a ready-made salad from a bag and felt as though we hadn’t skimped on taste or compromised on a healthy meal.   The only ingredient missing was time standing in the kitchen.  The whole meal was done in 7 minutes, on the table waiting to be consumed.  Keep this one on your list of  “I need a healthy meal that is ready in a hurry.”

If you have found a great ready-made food that is healthy and tasty, please tell me about it, we love to learn about new food finds.

Have a delicious day.

Fig logo image courtesy of ereleases.com

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  1. Joel Says:

    Thank you, so glad that you enjoyed the soup!!

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