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1/31 Pink Grapefruit Jicama Salad

Last week Sandy and I taught a vegan cooking class at our local community college. The theme was Superbowl, so we showed them some fun party foods and Seitan Italian Sausage hoagies. One of the recipes we shared was for jicama sticks with fresh lime juice and cracked black pepper. We had quite a bit […]

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1/28 Sausage and Red Pepper Quiche

Sandy came up the ultimate quiche recipe for her brunch on Sunday. We did a dry run last night before the birthday bash on Sunday.  Afterall, what would a brunch be if there wasn’t quiche?   Quiche and brunch are synonymous like gin and tonic or shoes and socks, they just go together as soon […]

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1/26 Sandy’s Birthday Brunch Recipes

Today is Sandy’s birthday. We are going to scarf Thai food at one of our fave local restaurants, visit Cranbrook Institute of Science, experience a shiny new vegan restaurant in downtown Detroit called SEVA and squeeze in a micro pub crawl at two brew houses we have never been to before.  She will crawl and […]

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1/25 Carrot Ginger Bisque w/Sunflower Ginger Topper

The past few months I have realized that I love most things orange. I love papaya, orange peppers, Mario Batali’s Crocs and a bright orange sunset.  Monarch Butterflies, Heirloom Navel Oranges and gourds, also in the love category. Somewhere near the very top of this list are carrots. I love them in the car, juiced […]

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1/24 A Taste of Bartertown

While on the journey in Grand Rapids at Wake Up Weekend, we encountered a very interesting entrepreneur and his incredibly delicious restaurant.  There were many grand aspects to what is happening at this tiny little diner in a tiny little town in a tiny corner of western Michigan.  So today, I’m going to introduce you […]

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1/23 Wayne Pacelle and The Bond

Happy Meatless Monday. It is going to be a delicious week. Today instead of sharing a Meatless recipe I am going to share some meatless moments from our trip.I have been dying to tell you about Wake Up Weekend. This was one of the most fulfilling, exciting and intimate veg events I have ever experienced. There […]

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1/20 Wake Up Weekend

By the time you read this I will hopefully have already met  vegan superhero and animal advocate Wayne Pacelle and have a signed copy of his book in hand. We are in the KIA speeding toward Grand Rapids, Michigan for Wake Up Weekend.  We will arrive just  in time to see Wayne’s lecture about his […]

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1/19 Out of the Box

Sometimes more than others, there is a negative amount of time to prepare a meal at home.  Hectic schedules, meetings and everyday experiences always take up more time and energy than expected. We had one of those days yesterday.  It was a long day of meetings and errands. By 7:30 I was starving and  needed […]

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1/18 Gifts for lovers…of animals and food

Valentines Day is less than a month away. If you don’t subscribe to Valentines Day, then I think February is a smashing time to buy yourself a gift to say I love you. I know I am going to. These items  from Etsy, an online  artisan handmade marketplace, have recently crossed my path and they […]

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1/17 Chocolate Pudding in Fancy Dress

I needed to make a dessert for our Meatless Meals To-Go clients in a quick way. I wanted it to be exciting and light, with very little or no sugar. This is what I came up with. It is the easiest and most alluring chocolate pudding I have ever had. This is the perfect dessert […]

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