12/1 “I Think It Was Yours” and Enter to Win reminder

While we were in Stuart, we went to a new store called Fresh Market. The town was abuzz with the arrival of their new upscale food retailer.  As we ambled through the crowded store I thought, “This was worth the wait. I could love it here.”  The aisles were swollen with fresh and unusual foods. They had exotic produce, a sumptuous olive bar and an arresting selection of dark chocolate. That is where I found a dark cocoa bar unlike any other.  It was a 63% cacoa  concoction with nibs and sea salt.  This addictive confection was made by a company called Madecasse.  The owners of Madecasse spent time in Madagascar while serving in the Peace Corps. They created chocolate to celebrate the rich biodiversity and community in Madagascar. They believed that by not only purchasing their cocoa from the region, but also creating and packaging their bewitching chocolates there as well, they could make a far greater impact on the local economy. Their chocolate is made there, their wrappers are printed there and the bars are hand wrapped there…infusing the local economy that worked so hard to produce some of the most divine chocolate in the world. That feels like an obvious way to run a company but it is unique and they appear to have made business decisions for the greater good. That is a decadence to be proud of enjoying.

The Sea Salt & Nibs bar was so beyond divine it made me want to climb a tree with it or run away. I was sharing the bar with Sandy and my sister in law Kath when my three year old nephew asked for a piece. We gave him a mere sliver and I eagerly waited for him to spit it on to the counter with a scrunched up face. After all, it is a buttery, crunchy, sultry, flowery dark bar dusted in sea salt. Never in a million years is this three year old going to swallow this darky dark chocolate. I watched as he let it melt in his mouth. He didn’t say a word. I now know he was trying to catch me off guard. A few minutes later he climbed on to his little stool he had pushed next to me at the counter and stared longingly at the very last piece of this unforgettable chocolate. With the seriousness of a defense attorney he asked me,”Is that your piece or mine?” In that instant I thought to myself, “There was no part of this $6 candy bar that I so lovingly hand picked that was ever yours!! Go eat one of your books or an animal cracker!” I looked at this beautiful and brilliant little man and replied,” I think it was yours,” as I handed him the last piece.

This seemed like a splurge to have spent $6 on a chocolate bar, but since we were on vacation, I was willing to give it a try.  After having experienced this bar (by both the young and old) and having learned more about what this company is doing in producing their artisan chocolates, I feel that it was worth every penny.   If I encounter one again,  I would treat myself, even on an average Wednesday afternoon when I’m not on vacation.

Enter to Win continues!

Remember to enter for your chance to win some cool Exploits reader prizes.  How do you win? Now through this Saturday Dec 3rd,  every comment you make (on any post  new or old) will count as an entry to win. You may do so here on the blog or on theExploits Facebook page.  If you bring friends and have them “like” Exploits, let me know and I will give you two additional entries. The prizes are worth the time and I appreciate your help in bringing more friends to the discussion. Monday morning I will announce the winners and all of your magnificent prizes.

Have a delicious day.

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  1. nik Says:

    First of all, how did you tear yourself away from a store that has exotic produce AND an olive bar AND truly majestic chocolate? I’d pitch my little blue tent and camp out in the papaya aisle. :)
    I visited the link…so many amazing chocolate choices, there isn’t a single flavor I’d kick out of bed. They also have Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and pure vanilla extract, which I’ve never had the privilege to use but I’ve been told it’s the nectar of the baking gods.
    I agree…treats that give back are always worth it!

  2. Sherry Says:

    Did I mention they were also sampling exquisite red wine? It really was a vacation destination. It was like when the group of golden ticket holders sees the inside of Willy Wonkas factory for the first time. I was running around shreiking, “Sandy look at this…look at this!!”

    I think buying gourmet vanilla should be considered absolutely necessary like replacing your toothbrush or stopping at stop signs.

  3. Connie Says:

    Ok…now you’ve got me drooling for a Madecasse Chocolate bar!

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