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11/30 Oysters On The Half Full Shell

During our stay in Stuart, Florida we visited the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. The Center is a marine life nature preserve created to encourage compassion and the environmental stewardship of Florida’s coastal ecosystems. We enjoyed a nature trail walk through the mangroves with our guide Bill. We walked and walked until we came to the […]

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11/29 Eggnog Shortbread w/Nutmeg Scented Icing

I am delighted to announce our first four winners for the Seven Gifts of Gratitude Giveaway. Congratulations Avari, Mary Louise, Nik and Isabella, you have all won magnificent prizes. Because I was not able to post while we were away and I have three additional prizes to give away, I am extending the contest through […]

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11/28 Home Again

Happy Meatless Monday. I have missed sharing with you in daily blog posts and am so glad to be back here again with Exploits friends.  We were without internet access throughout our entire trip. It was both a blessing and a nightmare. Deadlines were missed and blog posts sat in Word document purgatory. I have […]

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11/16 Ambercup Buckwheat Breakfast

As promised, here is the second Ambercup Squash recipe from the squash baking experiment. I decided to make a hot breakfast cereal using buckwheat and squash. I thought they would be wonderful together and buckwheat is nutritionally amazing. Here are some buckwheat facts from to blow your mind: ~Buckwheat although often considered a cereal […]

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11/15 Ambercup Squash Tostadas

I have found that my desire for fresh cooked squash is frequently stifled by my lack of  desire to prep the squash. Most winter squash varieties require  a chain saw to cut and cube. Sometimes it is more of a commitment than I want to make for a meal. Photo By: S. Duquet So, yesterday […]

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11/14 Happy Meatless Monday & Pumpkin Pecan Tartelettes

Happy Meatless Monday.  While preparing for another Meatless Monday Meals to Go,  we decided to prepare an early vegan Thanksgiving for our clients.  It was much like the regular spread, using a Tofurky roast, roasted vegetables, gravy and a zesty cranberry orange sauce. To finish the meal, we decided to make a lighter, edgy version […]

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11/12 Warming Up My Insides & The Seven Gifts of Gratitude

Yesterday we ran our very last long run before the race. We waited for the warmest part of the day which didn’t ever come or exist. It was 30ish under a dark and gray sky. It was difficult to leave the warmth of the Veggie Van but we are at the very end of our […]

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11/10 Tandoori Dip

I just got my first real vegan catering gig. The client called and wanted light finger foods for 20 guests  I was able to suggest dishes and create a menu within her price point. It was quite exciting. One of the things I am making is a veg platter with two handcrafted dips. I was […]

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11/9 Bad Kitty

I read  the most delightful article yesterday on This Dish is Veg about Dusty the kleptomaniac cat and wanted to share. Plus, I thought maybe we could all use a  little mid week whimsy. Dusty lives in California and goes out every night to burglarize her neighbors yards. She steals anything that isn’t nailed down […]

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11/8 A Monster to Love

Imagine you are starving. You are at your place of business, at school or in an airport. Your options are limited…very limited to the row of vending machines by the restrooms. There is nothing in there you are willing to put yourself through, so you go without. You look up toward the heavens, angrily pumping […]

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