10/27 Tricks or Treats

It’s that time of year again for Trick or Treat and givin’ them something good to eat.   Good to eat is a pretty subjective phrase as we are talking about truck loads of candy, but the good part can be even better since there are plenty of halloween candies available today that are not made with any animal products.

Some are right off your supermarket shelf and are old time favorites.  There are also some eclectic ones that may require a trip to a nearby health food store or gourmet food store to locate but I think it is worth it.

I found several links that may help you with your shopping if you decide to spread some animal-conscious treating this year. While giving out candies to the ghosts and goblins, and eat a few yourself and be so delighted that you re part of the solution, giving treats that are kinder to consume.

This link is from One Green Planet and includes candies that are specifically made for little ghosts and goblins:  Halloween Treats.

Here is another link from VegNews with their official guide to vegan halloween candy.  It includes a list of many candies to choose from, including halloween treats and some old time favorites: Halloween Candy.

Did  you know that these standbys are among the treats that are vegan?

Cracker Jack

Charms Blow Pops

Brach’s Fruit Slices

Jolly Ranchers

Mary Janes

Chick o Sticks

Hot Tamales

Swedish Fish

Now and Later


Handing out Halloween candy is so much fun. Handing out treats with a compassionate twist is even cooler. Please consider bringing some more animal product-free treats into you tradition.

Have a delicious day

Images courtesy of anunews.net, Tootsie and writeslikeshetalks.com.

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