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9/30 Saltines, How I love Thee

Day three of our Saltine and Ginger ale diet. I have thrown in Gatorade to stave off dehydration and mania. I tried finding fun facts about Saltines to share because after three days of debilitating illness, I am convinced they are saving my life. If you have ever had food poisoning, a hangover or a […]

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9/29 Foodborne Illness

Evidently the most delicious Thai food we had in Canada had an unwanted ingredient. Sandy got it first, than about six hours later I had all the symptoms of the worst food poisoning ever.  I am home now after spending five of the longest hours of my life in the back seat of a tiny […]

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9/28 Always Be Prepared

We are still in Toronto. Nourishing ourselves did not go as smoothly yesterday as it had the day before. We went 11.5 hours with only cut fruit and hot tea. It felt like a fast without any emotional preparation. I was so hungry that I thought my stomach would begin to eat itself from the […]

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9/27 Middle Ground

We are travelling right now in Toronto, Canada for a funeral. We were visiting with family and planning to go out to dinner with Sandy’s parents and five members of her extended family, including three children under the age of 8. As I sat in our room gulping gin and tonics I thought,”Where in the world are we going […]

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9/25 Drink To Your Health

I believe in signs and cues, an inner feeling, a knowing, a dream that repeats or a topic that comes up randomly in multiple conversations. I strive to listen with more than my ears and act on it when I know how. This openness has not let me down. Oddly enough, this continues to happen […]

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9/24 Throw It In Slaw

Sandy and I both love to cook. We adore pouring through cook books page by page seeking new recipes to fall in love with. We love to scour outdoor markets for the most gorgeous ingredients we can find for our new creations. Reality….we are also running two businesses, writing a blog, running Project Produce and […]

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9/23 Super Hero Breakfast

We are lovers of breakfast so I am always looking for new ways to energize the day. The mornings in Michigan are beginning to get chilly which immediately makes me crave oatmeal and all things warm. I decided to cook instant brown rice with milk and fruit because that sounds delicious and easy to me. […]

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9/22 An Update & A Great Read

Kombucha Tea update I shared our first Kombucha experience with you in the Kombucha Tea post. Our first bottle was a gift so we had not purchased it ourselves yet. Since then we had decided that we wanted to incorporate it into our routine and  see how we felt after a few weeks. We took […]

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9/21 An Appetizer of Thanks

Over the past four months of this vegan experience, I have become significantly more aware of what I am eating. I read every label like a forensic scientist. We prepare most of our meals at home with more organic and local vegetables than I have ever purchased in the past. I love experiencing these transformations […]

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9/20 A Tasty Change

I have recognized a very interesting phenomenon of the vegan challenge. Long held tastes for foods have begun to change dramatically. Just this past weekend I began to believe that this was note worthy after a friend of ours shared that she too had dramatic changes in her taste after going vegan. I was born […]

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