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7/31 BYO Vegan

Today we are going to a birthday party for a very good friend of ours. She is one of the sassiest, sexiest and kindest women we know.  It is a milestone birthday and  is going to be a bash with a ton of people. They are roasting a pig, which I really wish were not […]

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7/30 Chia, Not Just For Petting

Jane, a new friend of “Exploits”  rang in on the green smoothie conversation and recommended adding Chia seeds to the mix. As a child of the seventies I could not help but picture the terra cotta animal with green sprouting hair. The edible seeds are from a Mexican desert plant that is part of the […]

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7/29 The End & The Beginning..I Said, She Said

Today marks the 30th day of the vegan challenge.  I thought it would be cool to hear from both Sandy and myself. There are of course two sides to every story. We have a joke in our house that whenever I say to Sandy,” I have the greatest idea…” that she has to prepare herself […]

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7/28 Feed Your Face

We drive a prehistoric convertible Volkswagen. She is a senior citizen and I love her like she has human qualities. I feel most myself when I am cruising down the expressway with the top down, singing as loud as I can (my gift to the others on the expressway). I was out all day today […]

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7/27 Greens Day

I love making smoothies for breakfast. It is the quickest way I know to consume that many servings of fruits and veggies in one gulp. Silken Lite Tofu has always been my secret weapon. Because of its amazingly silky texture, it transforms your health drink into a milk shake, which is okay by me. When […]

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7/26 Heirloom Tomato Pasta Bake

In the post “7/17 The Roast With the Most” I told you about my roasting binge where I roasted everything that wasn’t tied down. It was the most fantastic thing because it was effortless and made for some extraordinary ingredients to create with.  Roasting edibles brings them to an entirely new level of flavor. I […]

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7/24 In a Hurry Thai Curry Soup

Sandy made the most amazing soup the other night so I asked her to share it with you. It was savory and spicy and a tiny bit sweet.  It hit every part of your palate in the best way possible. It was the perfect sassy soup that you can still enjoy in the summer with […]

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7/23 Liquid Aminos-Undercover Protein

I have seen liquid amino acids in the store and have seen them on countless ingredient lists for vegan recipes. I have continued to wonder, what are they and do I want to ingest them? I began to surmise that it was the same type of deal as the Nutritional Yeast…most vegan pantries stock it […]

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7/22 Lemon Thyme Cookies-Love Them

The Art of Good Food has created another masterpiece, a mix for Lemon Thyme Cookies. Photo By: S. Duquet Art of Good Food is a family business from Montana creating mixes for vegetarian/vegan soups, salad dressings, breadsticks and cookies.  You add a minimal amount of ingredients to their mixes and they magically turn into something […]

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7/21 Three Weeks In

Today is the three week mark of the vegan challenge. I have been trying to take an honest look at how I am really feeling and what if anything has changed in the past three weeks. I have been on the look out for the miraculous transformations I have read about, chronicled by others on […]

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