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6/30 Vegan Challenge Begins

Happy first day of the Vegan Challenge.  Sandy and I have been working up to this day with a lot of label reading, recipe seeking and dairy consumption (clearing out the fridge and pantry). We are ready, bring it on. In the comment section of the June 25th post there are two more recipes from […]

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6/29 Cool Beans & Reminder 1 day until Vegan Challenge

I love things that are convenient. I am not afraid to pay for convenience. In fact, I usually encourage it. Whatever it takes to get the whole foods that are best for you into your body is what I believe.  Even if I thought I could make  almond milk, I wouldn’t….why would you do that?? […]

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6/28 Oh My! Orzo Salad

Summer is my favorite time of year. Everything inside of me comes alive when the sun is warm and the days are long. I adore summer fruits like watermelon and nectarines and can’t get enough basil and cucumbers. The best thing ever is when it is so warm out that you only crave cold salads […]

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6/25 Vegan Challenge Begins in 5 days

The 30 day Vegan  Challenge begins in five days, on the 30th of June. I am much less concerned than I was in the early planning stages and look forward to following through on something very cool I set out to do. I have heard from many of you that you are willing to do your […]

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6/24 An Edible Legacy

I have been waiting to post the heirloom blog because I wanted to post it with photos.  Big, bold juicy and colorful photos of oddly shaped and brilliantly colored tomatoes.  I have been to more stores in the past week searching for heirlooms than in my entire lifetime,  to no avail. You would think I […]

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Veganville-Loved it and Relocating

If I could move to Veganville, I would already be packed and the dogs would be in the car. Veganville is the name of a catering and vegan sweets baker out of Berkley, California. GiGi, the owner and creator of Veganville sent us a package of some of the most decadent edibles we have ever […]

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6/22 I Scream, for More

I whipped up another popsicle creation. This green-tastic one is Pistachio. They are creamy and refreshing. The roasted nuts add a nice crunch and a slightly salty taste. It has been so perfectly warm and muggy over the past few days. I absolutely love it like this. It is the ideal popsicle weather. Ingredients: 1 Box […]

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6/21 Play With Your Food

Happy Monday and Summer Solstice. I discovered something  this weekend that felt like an important find.  Once I tested the validity of my new tip, I knew I had to share it with you. I was at the grocery store on Saturday and in the produce section I saw a bag of crinkle cut carrots […]

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The Art of Good Food-Loved it

I would like to introduce you to The Art of Good Food. They are a family business from Montana creating mixes for vegetarian/vegan soups, salad dressings, breadsticks and cookies.  You create the  edibles at home while receiving all the praise and love from your family and friends. Their mixes are  hand crafted in small batches. […]

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6/18 Project Produce Update

Last Friday was the official launch of Project Produce. It is our new community venture where we collect fresh produce each week to take to First Step, a local domestic violence shelter. They will use the produce for the women and children in the shelter, and for those living  in transitional housing while rebuilding their […]

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