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5/31 Date of V.E Has Moved

Happy Memorial Day! The official start date of the 30 day Vegan Experience has been moved to June 30th.  Exploits has had such a great response that I wanted to give people more time  jump on board with their own 30 day challenge. It is all about small steps creating great change. Are you willing […]

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5/29 Planting the Seed

As you  plant your gardens big and small, consider adding some herbs. Try a few you have never had and fall back in love with some of the classics. Have a great holiday Weekend!

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5/28 Gazpacho Goddess

Sandy is the mastermind  behind the most delicious gazpacho I have ever tasted. It is rich and hearty and cool and light. It has black beans,  cucumbers and all things summery.  You will not believe how amazingly easy this chilled soup is to make. We bring this to every Summer event we are invited to […]

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5/27 Releasing the Need for Fear and Cheese

The Exploits blog and upcoming Vegan Experience has overtaken my thoughts and activities.  Our kitchen has become an amateur photography studio and my days are now consumed with compassionate consumption. I love it.  I  am thoroughly enjoying the entire process. One feeling that has secretly surfaced is the thought that once we are immersed in […]

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5/26 Keeping Cool

Yesterday it was amazingly, unseasonably warm. Summer trampled on Spring and it was steamy, hot and humid (my favorite weather ever!).  I made up these yummy, easy and filling  sandwiches to avoid cooking anything. They were SO delicious and fun to eat…we will definitely have them again. I made a vegan herbed cream cheese ahead of […]

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5/25 Guest: Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu

Exploits welcomes Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu of One Roast Vegetable. She is helping people add veggies to their meals in fun and creative ways through her website and online cooking classes.   I thought Shelley’s simple tips would be a great starting point  for anyone trying to dine more compassionately. If you are already enjoying a plant […]

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5/24 Veggie Burger Anyone?

Top Five Reasons to Feast on Veggie Burgers at Memorial Day Festivities 5. The possibilities are endless With available flavors like, Chipotle Black Bean, California Turk’y Burger and the Mushroom Lover’s Burger, you will never get burger boredom. 4. You can pack them in a cooler without worry According to the food safety info on […]

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Banana Pine Nut Pancakes Yum!

I created these pancakes because I love pine nuts and we were out of walnuts. The funny thing is that they are SO much better than the old school banana and walnut combo. The pine nut is  soft and buttery, the perfect companion to the banana. We are still in the hybrid stage of eating […]

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5/21 Daiya Cheddar Review & Recipe

In our kitchen, I am usually the idea man and Sandy is  execution. I’ll say,” Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we had chicken in a green curry sauce with coconut and lime scented rice for dinner?!” She will start noodling the request and whip up the most amazing vegetarian version of whatever I suggested. […]

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5/20 News You Can Use

I am always excited to hear new and easy ways to enhance my life and health. I am more motivated by promise than  fear, and by adding as opposed to limiting. When I read the title …”Cacao is the new Broccoli”  I thought…now that is news I can use. The article  said that 100 grams […]

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