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4/30 Real Life

Happy Friday! Sandy and I were invited to a dinner party this evening.  I have been asked to bring a dessert.  I thought, thank goodness we are still in the hybrid stage.  I’ll  buy a key lime pie.  Everyone loves key lime pie! Happy with that decision, I let it go. A weird feeling, similar […]

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Vegan cookbook-Loved it!

I have been researching books on Amazon, scouring our local library and seeking out all things vegan. We found the most gorgeous cookbook called, “Vegan Fusion World Cuisine.”  The recipes are from the Blossoming Lotus Cafe on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  I keep telling Sandy that in order to be relevant and knowledgeable, we […]

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Soy coffee creamer-Loved it!

The first in a long line of dairy replacements is our soy coffee creamer. I am a Splenda and fat free cream coffee drinking gal. I am incredibly quiet and can lean toward unpleasant until I have had two cups. That being said, this was a colossal test of great consequence in our house. I […]

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4/27 Preparations

As I look in our fridge I wonder… how many dairy laden things do we need to devour before the VE (vegan experience). How many ice cream sandwiches can we polish off in one week? How many eggs can we actually consume? I feel it would be morally wrong and financially irresponsible to throw out […]

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4/26 A Date has Been Set!

June 1st (new start date June 30th) we will begin the 30 day vegan challenge!  If we love it, it could be extended, but it will not be terminated until we have completed the challenge. We wanted to wait until June to give all of you a chance to consider joining us. I am looking […]

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4/25 Why Vegan? Why Now?

Lets start from the beginning. I have been vegetarian for just over 12 years. I am an ovo- lacto veg which means I will eat eggs and dairy, but no other animal products or by-products.  This lifestyle change was a direct result of an incredibly traumatizing Biology experience with a dissected fetal pig.  I was […]

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My name is Sherry.  I am a first time blogger, adoring fan of my chihuahua Chloe and vegan jewelry designer.  My mission: to engage in compassionate living, one step, one meal at a time. I’m on a quest to find people, products, places and all things edible that are an easy entree into a more […]

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